Lag Ja Gale Upcoming Story: Will Ishani spot Shiv’s lookalike in her house?


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Zee TV’s recently launched show Lag Ja Gale stars Namik Paul and Tanisha Mehta in lead roles. The show tells about the journey of a self made young Punjabi hotelier Shiv Dhooper and a hard-working Maharashtrian girl, Ishani Kulkarni. Currently the show is gearing up for more drama.

In the previous episode, The internet is scoured by Shiv’s doppelganger for information about Ishani and her family. Bhupen informs Sashi that he spotted another Shiv while returning. Sashi does not believe him and claims that Bhupen is currently viewing too many television series.

Bhupen wonders if the second Shiv is Aniket, Shiv’s identical twin sibling. Meena states that Shiv’s orders are sufficient, so she cannot comply with Aniket’s as well. Bhupen claims that he will shortly acquire Shiv’s entire empire.

Ishani explains to Puja that she invited the Dhooper family because she wanted to cheer up a melancholy Kiran. Puja believes that Shiv and Ishani will form an excellent couple. Ishani claims that due to her birth history, no family will recognise her as their daughter-in-law. Puja asserts that she sees a connection between Shiv and Ishani, that there is a spark between them.

According to Puja, Yash told her that Shiv dislikes the color maroon, yet he donned that outfit at Ishani’s request. Ishani believes that she will not appear good with Shiv because he is significantly taller than she is.

Puja states that Bappa will provide an indication regarding Shiv. Ishani receives Shiv’s phone call. Shiv informs Ishani that he accidentally dialled her number. He apologizes to her before ending the call.

Puja calls it Bappa’s suggestion. Sashi informs Yash that she desires Shiv to wed Ishani. Yash inquires as to what is troubling her.

Sashi claims that Kiran dislikes Sulochana and does not want her daughter to marry into her family. Yash claims he will persuade Kiran. Shiv’s lookalike sneaks into Ishani’s home at late night.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Lag Ja Gale on Zee TV/Zee 5 app and this space.