Main Hoon Aparajita 1st February 2023 Written Update: Aparajita seeks a Lady inspector’s help


Main Hoon Aparajita 1st February 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Aparajita calling Mohini. Mohini attends the call. Aparajita says I know you trapped my daughter’s in the wrong case, your problem is with me so stop involving my daughter’s in this issue and I know you stole I’d cards from me so please bring them to the police station to release my kids as Asha’s condition is not good and seems like you spiked her drink again like it happened in party. Mohini thinks she doesn’t do anything to Asha. She realises the chemical ring is with Asha and thinks let her suffer. Mohini says she didn’t do anything wrong to Asha. She refuses to help her and cuts the call. Aparajita thinks she has to save her daughters and call Doctor here for Asha. Si scolds Lady inspector for bad tea. Aparajita notices it. Mohini turns off the fuse to execute her plan.

The Lady inspector goes to prepare tea again and says it’s not her work. Aparajita asks why she didn’t tell Si. The Lady inspector says Singh won’t listen to them. She tells she may release her daughters if she has powers but here Singh won’t release them. Aparajita helps her in preparing tea and asks her to do a favor. Mohini tells Akshay ‘Aparajita is not responding. Akshay sends Guffran to check the fuse and he goes to Aparajita’s room and calls her. Singh asks his team to file drugs and other cases on Chavi, Asha, and Disha. Aparajita says they can’t file those cases on kids. The doctor comes there. Lady inspector thinks she understood the pain of mom and called Doctor. The doctor scolds Singh for not informing patient’s situation in the police station to him. He says he complains to their seniors. Aparajita asks him to leave it and requests him to check with Asha.

Akshay goes inside the washroom breaking the door. He notices it’s empty. Mohini says Aparajita escaped from the window and seems like she lied that she is sick and wished she didn’t do it on her anniversary day. Akshay feels upset. Guffran comes there. Mohini asks him where Aparajita went. The doctor checks Asha’s condition. He says Asha didn’t take any drugs. Singh asks how he is sure. Doctor says he is in the field for 10 years. Aparajita asks what happened to her daughter. The doctor says it was the reaction of the chemical she touched and I gave her injection and we have to give her full treatment after the tests. Doctor asks Singh and other Si to get ready to face their seniors. He leaves. Singh says they got insulted because of Aparajita and says they won’t leave her daughters. Si puts Asha in lockup again.

Aparajita asks them to not do it but he didn’t listen to her and warns her to leave. He takes Aoarajita’s phone and asks the Lady inspector to place it in his cabin. Guffran calls Aparajita but it didn’t get connected. Aparajita says to her daughters ‘their video with Mla will prove it they are her daughters. Disha agrees. Aparajita asks Lady Inspector to give her phone once. The Lady inspector says her phone doesn’t have charging. Aparajita requests her for her phone. Lady inspector takes Aparajita to Si’s cabin and says sir went for rounds and I bring you near his cabin but don’t have the courage to go inside with you. Aparajita goes inside. Singh and Si some there and ask the Lady inspector where is Aparajita. The Lady inspector says she may go out.

Aparajita comes there and shows them a video that proves Asha, Disha, and Chavi are her daughters. Si says they won’t leave them as she insulted them by calling Doctor. Apwrajita requests them but they didn’t listen. Singh asks Aparajita ‘where is your husband or your mom and daughters are in prostitution. Akshay comes there and says I’m Aparajita’s husband and talk with respect. He shows id proofs of Asha, Disha, and Chavi to the inspector and says Chavi, Disha, and Asha are their daughters. Chavi thinks he recalls the past. Aparajita thinks if Mohini told him everything or if recalls his past.

Episode ends.

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