Main Hoon Aparajita 4th March 2023 Written Update: Akshay questions Mohini


Main Hoon Aparajita 4th March 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Aparajita bringing the girls home. Akshay comes and apologises to Aparajita that he couldn’t come as he slept when he closed his eyes. Aparajita comments on it. Aparajita recalls what happened. Aparajita says she made a mistake as she hoped that he would come with them. Akshay says he wanted to come but he couldn’t. Aparajita argues with Akshay about it. Akshay recalls what happened with Nia. Aaprajita asks him to leave and Akshay asks Aparajita to allow once to meet the kids. Aparajita says no to it. Akshay leaves from there.

Aparajita thinks to herself that if Akshay didn’t want to come then he shouldn’t have made a plan in the first place. Akshay thinks to himself that he is not an idiot first to make a plan and then to cancel it. Nia asks Akshay to once again talk to Aparajita. Akshay comments on it. Mohini thinks to herself that if Veer’s marriage happened then she shouldn’t have to do all this work but Veer is an idiot to expose himself.

Veer pleads with the cops to allow him to leave but they don’t care about him. Veer seeing this reminds them that his father is an MLA. The cops tell him to shut up and say his father’s post is already in jeopardy because of what he did. Veer’s jail inmate says to Veer that his case is such that he can’t get out. Veer cell inmate says he can only be out if either he goes to court or the hospital. Veer thanks the cell inmate for giving him an idea and says today is his last night.

Chavi and Asha talk about what happened and says it would have been good if Akshay was there. Disha asks Chavi to stop having expectations on Akshay. Disha says Akshay would have come if he wanted to come. Disha says she is thinking why do they need boys in their lives? Aparajita hears what Disha said.

Aparajita gives an example to the girls and says all the guys can’t be judged by seeing a few guys. Aparajita takes the chef guy as with his own money he served food to orphans. Disha says he just did a small thing so they should not separate him and comments on it. Disha reminds Aparajita what happened to her and Chavi.

Veer threatens the cops that he will kill himself if they don’t release him. Veer seeing that the cops don’t take his threat seriously. Veer makes a cut on his wrist. The cops open the cell and do first aid to Veer seeing this.

Disha takes a bottle of water to drink but she hears some sounds thinks someone is inside the house. Disha takes a stick and goes to where the sound came from. Disha sees a guy trying to escape and Disha stops him and hits him with a stick. Disha calls for Aparajita. Aparajita comes and identifies the guy as a Chinese Pani Puri Chef.

Mohini talks with Manish on the phone and says how she made Aparajita and Akshay stop talking with each other. Mohini sees Akshay come into the room and thinks he forgave her. Akshay says he didn’t forgive her but he came to find out what tablet did she give to Nia? Mohini says it is the medicine that doctor prescribed for his fast recovery. Akshay asks Mohini to show the medicine. Mohini shows a multi vitamin tablet to Akshay. Akshay seeing this leaves from there. Mohini thinks she has to be careful from now on.

Disha hits the chef guy with a stick and doesn’t listen to his explanation. The chef guy tries to explain to Aparajita as Disha is not to listening to him. The chef guy says his bag got stolen and in it his wallet and other things are there so he doesn’t have money and he came here seeing Asha Laundry just to stay for the night and wash his clothes. The chef guy begs Aparajita on his knees to allow him to stay here. Aparajita says she can’t allow him to stay here as they are girls in the house. Aparajita tells him to come tomorrow morning then she will wash his clothes.

Veer is shown to be sleeping on a hospital bed. The doctor tells the cops that Veer lost a lot of blood and he has to stay for the night in the hospital for observation. Veer sees himself in the hospital and looks for a way to escape.

Episode ends.

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