Main Hoon Aparajita 5th February 2023 Written Update: Chavi refuses to marry Veer


Main Hoon Aparajita 5th February 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Aparajita waking up. She gets shocked seeing her hands tied to the bed. She unties her hands and realizes Akshay may do it. On another side, Akshay tells his mother that he tied Aparajita’s hands to the bed to make her take a rest. Amma smiles. Aparajita comes there and argues with Akshay about tying her hands to the bed. He says he tied her to make her get rest. Amma says they are fighting like in the past. Akshay asks what she means. Amma manages him. Akshay tells Aparajita that he will go to the police station to know who is behind Disha and Chavi’s trap. Aparajita says Ragini is handling the driver so she will get the information from him. She thinks Mohini is behind the incident even though the driver didn’t admit it.

Kiara comes out taking Chavi’s lehenga gifted by Akshay. Chavi pleads with her to return it. Akshay takes the lehenga and tells Kiara that he will get her chocolates and a dress. He gives the lehenga to Chavi. He recalls flashes of the past. He asks if this incident happened before. Chavi says you may saw another lehenga in the shop. Amma asks Akshay to take her to her room. Akshay takes her. Disha asks Aparajita if Akshay is recalling his memory. Aparajita goes to the shop. Disha follows her and asks what happened. Aparajita says Akshay is recalling the memory so I will go and meet Doctor. Disha asks what about their plan to teach a lesson to Mohini. Aparajita says Akshay’s life is important to me plus Nia is back and I don’t want anything to happen in front of her. She leaves. Disha thinks everything will happen in front of Nia.

Police come to Mohini’s house and arrests Mohini in attempt to muder case of Asha. Mohini says she didn’t do it. Manager informs Nia that Mohini is getting arrested. Disha records everything with the colony people and questions how she feel when she is getting arrested. Mohini requests her not to circulate the video. Disha says it’s all drama to show you what happens if you mess up with us. She leaves with fake police. Nia asjs what happened. Mohini thinks Nia may go against her if she tells her the truth. She tells Nia that Aparajita and her daughters are harharassingr. Nia comforts her.

Aparajita meets Doctor and tells him about Akshay’s condition. Doctor says it’s good improvement and he can come to present with your support. Aparajita asks him what she has to do. Veer takes Chavi to some place. Chavi says there is no wedding and why you lied to me? Veer says he lied to meet her. Chavi says she doesn’t like to lie to her mom. Veer punches his hand. Chavi asks why he is hurting himself. Veer asks her to marry him. Chavi says this marriage won’t happen now. Veer asks why. Chavi says Mom and Disha feel youre behind dad’s attack so I want Dad to regain his memory and clear Mom’s doubt so until then I can’t marry you. She leaves. Veer thinks she has to do something. Disha shows Mohini’s video to Dadi and her sister. Dadi tells Disha ‘whatever she did to Mohini is correct’. Nia gets shocked hearing it.

Episode ends.

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