Kundali Bhagya 5th February 2023 Written Update: Anjali helps robbers to escape


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Episode begins with Srishti tells Preeta that she did wrong by judging Arjun. Preeta asks her that why the latter suddenly changed her opinion about Arjun. Srishti informs her about Arjun and Anjali’s conversation. She says that Arjun claimed he love Preeta so much. Preeta tells her that she just want to know why Arjun is hiding the truth from everyone.

On the other hand, Anjali meets Priyanka outside the house. She says that she is restless because she can’t see Arjun’s marriage. Priyanka asks her to do something to stop the marriage. She advices her to take Prithvi’s help. Police comes there. Anjali tells them that they handled everything and now robbers ran away. She says that marriage is happening so they don’t want any disturbance. Police returns from there. She tells Priyanka that she is going to free robbers to stop the marriage and this time Preeta may die.

Preeta gets emotional after seeing Beeji. Srishti says that she thought Beeji won’t come because she love Karan so much. Beeji tells them that she is on their side. Srishti tells her that Arjun is Karan. Beeji tells Preeta that she saw security guards in unconscious state. She says that she saw Anjali talking to police. Srishti goes downstairs.

Sambhu bhai scolds his men. Prithvi asks him to stop it. Sambhu bhai tells him that they are in this condition due to him. Prithvi tells him that they can’t escape without his help. He hears footsteps. He tells his hang to wear the masks. Anjali opens the door and tells them that she came to help them and in return she want their help. Sambhu bhai asks her that what she want. Prithvi says that Anjali want to stop the marriage and he removes his mask.

Srishti learns from Sameer that police did not came. She notices that Anjali is missing too. Anjali asks robbers to attack when marriage reaches it’s climax. She gives guns to them and asks them to come out after 15 minutes and leaves from there. She sees her gun and she decides to shoot Preeta when robbers comes to attack.

Sambhu bhai tells Prithvi that these kind of girls too exists. Prithvi says that people can’t see anything in love.

Srishti searches Anjali outside the house. Rishabh comes there and waits for Kavya. Sameer comes there and asks Rishabh that how is he. Rishabh tells him that he is completely fine. Kritika comes there and she beat Sameer up. She says that Sameer stepped on her leg and did not even apologize. Kavya returns from parlour. Srishti asks Rishabh to not get emotional because Kavya will stay with them after marriage too.

Rishabh recalls that how how Arjun came to his room and talked about Kavya. He thinks that he is glad Arjun did not snatch Kavya from him.

Episode ends.

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