Maitree 1st March 2023 Written Update: Vasundhara’s brother’s evil motive is revealed


Maitree 1st March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Maitree and Ashish returning home from the hospital with the baby. Om sends Kusum to manage Sona. Kusum goes. Om tells Ashish that Sona has woken up and asks them to come inside. Transgender people witness the baby’s return. They begin to dance around Maitree and the baby while playing dholak without listening to Om. Maitree is tense. Kusum tries to stop Sona but she fails. Sona sees Maitree wearing a bindi and brings the baby home. Sona asks Om to send transgenders giving money. Om gives them money. Transgenders bless the baby and leave.

Maitree and Ashish are about to take the baby inside. Sona stops Maitree from entering the house. Sona asks Maitree if she swears to hurt her? She asks why she wore a bindi and coloured dress. Ashish says you’re mistaken, Maitree wore Jacket and fake bindi to not let Nandini’s face shock seeing her in widow roop. Sona says I requested Maitree to not leave the house until the 13th day of Saransh’s death but she didn’t listen and she is swear to break customs from the marriage day. Maitree removes the jacket and bindi. She asks Sona to forgive her. Sona says she can’t forgive her. Om and Kusum explain to Sona that it was not Maitree’s mistake and we asked Maitree to bring the baby home as Doctor denied giving the baby to Ashish. Sona asks if she mixed anything in her tea. Kusum admits she mixed a sleeping pill. Sona gets shocked. Baby cries. Sona sees Saransh in the baby. She tames the baby happily. Maitree tries to enter the house. Sona stops Maitree from entering the house.

Om asks Sona who will take care of the baby if she doesn’t allow Maitree. Sona says she and Kusum will take care of the baby. She says Maitree is responsible for my son’s death and I won’t let her harm this baby too. Ashish supports Maitree and tells Sona that Maitree is not responsible for Saransh’s death. Sona didn’t listen and tells Maitree to return to her father’s house. She tells Ashish that he has to come inside alone without bringing Maitree. She closed the door in their face.

Vasundhara’s brother’s wife and his children come to Vasundhara’s house to take care of Nandini’s baby. She asks where is baby. Vasundhara says very soon Nandini and the baby will be here. She leaves. Vasundhara’s brother tells his wife that their kids won’t be heirs of Vasundhara’s property if Nandini and her baby return. Raj Kumar says they have to stop their return. Vasundhara’s niece scolds their views but they don’t listen to her.

Ashish tells Maitree that their house doesn’t deserve her and asks Maitree to return home. On another side, Dinesh’s wife asks him to join the job again but she says he can’t concentrate. Maitree refuses to leave the house. Baby cries badly. Kusum requests Sona to allow Maitree. Sona refuses and asks Kusum to bring milk. Kusum says there is no milk at home. Sona scolds her and sends Om to get milk. Om comes out and tells Ashish that he is going to get milk for the baby. Maitree says they bought formula milk. Ashish and Om go inside to feed milk to the baby but the baby doesn’t drink and cries badly. Maitree feels tense for the baby. Ashish says the baby drank milk when Maitree fed him at the hospital. Om asks him to call baby. Maitree couldn’t control herself hearing the baby cry and she comes inside. Om and Kusum request Sona to allow Maitree to take care of the baby. Maitree comes there.

Episode ends.

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