Udaariyaan 1st March 2023 Written Update: Harleen thanks Nehmat for saving her life


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The episode starts with Nehmat leaves the place and cries recalling Ekam and Harleen’s ring exchange. The goon sees Nehmat is alone so he starts cutting the rope to kill Nehmat. Nehmat leaves the place. The goon gets upset. Ekam wonders where Nehmat went. Jasmine arrives there. Harleen gets happy and takes Ekam and family meet Jasmine. Sandhu’s gets shocked. Harleen expresses her happiness. She then introduces Ekam and family. Ekam takes Jasmine’s blessings. Jasmine gives the gifts to Ekam’s family. Renuka asks what’s the need for so much gifts. Jasmine tells it’s her daughter Harleen’s marraige. Harleen gets tensed seeing Ekam’s reaction so she distracts Jasmine from further continuing the conversation. She then takes Jasmine to meet the Sandhu’s. Jasmine taunts the Sandhu’s. Swaroop tells Jasmine she didn’t changed at all in all these years. Jasmine mocks at her. Harleen pleads Jasmine to not to create any scene because Nehmat convinced the family members hence they are here. Nehmat arrives there and greets Jasmine. The goon gets upset because Nehmat left the place.

Other side Advait and Shamsher meet the public. Shamsher questions Advait for inviting the media. Advait asks him to have patience. He then puts up an act infront of the reporter’s expressing that he is upset with them for following Nehmat who went to meet a psychiatrist. He also requests the media to leave Nehmat alone for a while. Shamsher thinks that Advait is great at acting and feels proud of him. One of the reporter calls Nehmat is lucky to have Advait as her life partner in her life. Advait smirks happily. Here Jasmine gifts Ekam an expensive thing. Ekam refuses to accept the gift and tells what he wants from her as per his grandmother’s wish. Jasmine tells Ekam she don’t have coconut with her to perform the ritual. Rupy manages the situation by providing the things Jasmine needed to perform the ritual. Jasmine then warns Ekam to never try to hurt Harleen. Ekam assures her he won’t. Later Jasmine tells Harleen her engagement ceremony looks boring without music and dance. Harleen asks her to wait then signs at Nehmat.

Ekam goes away and have drink. Harleen and Nehmat dances together. Renuka and Mallika gets upset and angry seeing it. Meanwhile both Rupy and Satti says that Nehmat always put other’s happiness over her’s. Ekam sees the ladder and recalls the man who he fails to follow. He says that he feels Nehmat is going to land in danger and searches for Advait’s goon. Meanwhile the goon cuts the rope but waits for the right time to drop the ladder on Nehmat. During the next song both Nehmat and Ekam stares at each other. Harleen sees it. Nehmat looks away. Ekam then sees the ladder is about to fall on Nehmat so he shouts at her and rushes. Nehmat notices it and pushes Harleen away. Ekam saves Nehmat at last minute. The family members gets shocked when the ladder crashes down. Ekam assures Nehmat she is safe now. Jasmine gets furious seeing Nehmat with Ekam. She also says Nehmat is just like Tejo. Ekam brings Nehmat. Everyone expresses their worry for Nehmat seeing her injured state. Swaroop gets upset. Renuka taunts Nehmat indirectly. Harleen thanks Nehmat for saving her life. Jasmine asks the guests to applaud Ekam for risking his life to save Nehmat. Everyone applauds. Ekam searches for the man who he saw earlier. He then alerts his sub ordinates saying this isn’t an accident and asks them to call the team to investigation. Advait’s goon calls Advait and informs him that Ekam saved Nehmat also he is stuck. Advait gets furious and breaks his phone. He also tells Shamsher what happened and tells him he wants to kill Nehmat at any cost that too soon.

Precap: Nehmat asks Ekam why he isn’t leaving her alone. Ekam tells her he can’t then leaves the place. Harleen gets hurt overhearing the conversation. Later Advait sees Nehmat with lawyer. He speeds the car to hit her. Nehmat and the lawyer gets shocked seeing the car.

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