Maitree 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Sona permits Maitree to stay in the house


Maitree 2nd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Om asking Ashish to call Maitree to feed the baby. Om and Kusum request Sona to call Maitree for the baby. Maitree comes there. Ashish asks Maitree to comfort the baby. Maitree feels helpless and takes the baby. She comforts the baby and makes him drink the milk then she gives the baby to Ashish and is about to leave. Kusum and Om stop Maitree and requests her to stay at their place for the baby. Baby cries again. Sona feels worried for the baby and permits Maitree to stay in the house. She leaves. Kusum gives the baby to Maitree and tells her that now the baby’s responsibility is hers. Maitree takes the baby. Baby stops crying in Maitree’s hand. Maitree asks Ashish to not ask her to leave. Ashish says he won’t let her be humiliated again.

Later Maitree asks the baby why he is not sleeping. Maitree recalls her moment with Nandini how she made the baby stop kicking Nandini by singing their childhood song as Lohri. She tries it again and the baby sleeps happily. On another side, Nandini again gets some moment. Ashish thanks Maitree for handling the baby and Nandini. Maitree asks Ashish to stay near the baby and says she will sterilize the bottle. Ashish takes the bottle and says he will do it.

Neighbors on call advise Dinesh’s wife to think about Maitree’s remarriage. Dinesh wife shares it with Dinesh. Sona goes to the baby’s room. She sits near the baby. Maitree says I know that you forgive me. Sona says she can never forget whatever she did, today I allowed you here for the baby, and tomorrow onwards I will take care of the baby and once he uses to us then you can leave this house. Maitree says she too wants baby to spend with his grandparents and father. Sona thinks to trouble Maitree.

The next day Sona takes the baby from Dinesh and Kusum’s hands and starts pampering the baby. Sona says that she will give milk to the baby. Kusum tells Sona that Maitree has already fed the baby. Sona starts staring at Maitree. She asks them to call her when the baby is hungry. She takes the baby with her.

Ashish goes to the hospital with a bouquet. He sees Vasundhara in Nandini’s room and asks what’s she doing. Vasundhara says you forgot my daughter seeing your son so I’m taking care of my daughter. Ashish says Nandini knows how much I love her. He gifts a red rose to her and shows her how much his family is happy with their baby’s arrival. Vasundhara mocks him saying he doesn’t even know Nandini likes yellow flowers. Ashish says Nandini’s likes changed after marriage and you didn’t know it. He is about to leave. Vasundhara says no need to go to take Saransh’s postpartum report as it’s here. Om and Kusum feel happy seeing Sona is happy with the baby.

Sona asks Kusum to bring oil and says she will do massage. Maitree asks her to not do it. Vasundhara tells Ashish that she has Saransh’s reports and gives it to him, and says, now he can know about his brother’s reality. Ashish reads the report and gets shocked. Vasundhara says it’s clearly mentioned in the report that Saransh’s blood sample has drug traces and don’t act like you didn’t know it and think how Maitree will react after knowing it. Ashish says the report is the wrong one and you must have changed the report to take revenge on me. Vasundhara says the report is correct and asks him to get ready to be in jail.

Episode ends.

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