Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st March 2023 Written Update: Raghav and Angad succeeds in stopping Pihu’s engagement.


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st March 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Prachi saying Raghav that if they couldn’t manage to stop Pihu and Mahir’s engagement then she decides to herself confess the truth and get arrested. Raghav worry about Prachi. Lakhan finds Raghav’s mother taking  care of all the arrangements with honesty. Lakhan asks her not to do all this as both she and her son and her son are his guests too. Raghav’s mother says that she’s grateful. For his words but also wants to be sincere for her work. She says she taught the same to her son. Brinda finds Angad very calm and wonders the reason for it. She shares the same with Sara who thinks that he would be down due to his love life.

\Angad leaves to office instead of his father to find proof against Mahir. Raghav holds Mahir by collar and asks him to quit his engagement with Pihu as he loves her. Mahir refuses to back off and Raghav continues threatening him. Josh made peace between them. Raghav thinks that he bought some time and wishes that Angad finds some proof against Mahir soon. Angad catches Mamaji and Mahir looting more money in every deal related to company. Pihu and Prachi come down for engagement while Prachi waits eagerly for Raghav and Angad. Prachi gives Priya’s kangan to Pihu saying that she deserves it the most as she’s the one who lived with her.

Pihu and Mahir’s engagement takes place when Mahir says that he doesn’t want to do the engagement. Mahir recalls Josh saying that Raghav and Angad found proofs against him and Mamiji and suggested him to strike a deal with Raghav by cancelling the engagement and save himself. Mamiji takes Mahir aside and scolds him for his stupid act. She asks him to get engaged and Mahir says no. she says she won’t save him from going to jail and so he’s saving himself. He comes out and announces that it’s his final decision that he won’t marry Pihu. Prachi says that it’s ok.

 Lakhan lashes out at him for insulting Pihu in front of all. He gets angry at him but his friends console him. He asks him to deal it later a s Prachi’s in laws are there. Monika slaps Mahir. Monika says that she’s ashamed of his act. Monika a apologizes to Avni. Kiara mocks their family drama. Prachi thanks Raghav for solving the problem but Raghav asks her to thank Josh who exposed Mahir. Prachi looks loving at him. Lakhan suggests Sid and Avni to hold the engagement some other day as they can’t hurt a sister and celebrate another one’s on the same day.

Precap : Lakhan will announce the wedding to take place some other day but Prachi wants it to happen the same day. She recalls Pihu’s words that love happens with time after marriage and she believes the same. Lakhan agrees to her wish and Josh and Prachi gets engaged. Raghav is in pain.

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