Mangal Lakshmi 2nd April 2024 Written Update: Kusum misunderstands Mangal

Mangal Lakshmi 2nd April 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kusum feeling happy seeing Gruhapravesh’s photos. Mangal comes there and gifts quilt to Kusum. She sees Kusum’s clothes aren’t set in the room. She asks her if she can set them. Kusum asks her to do it. Manga decides to call Lakshmi to find out if she gave the file to Adit or not. She says to Kusum that she will get her room. Kusum says she will bring it.

At the dining table, Karthik says to Gayatri that he doesn’t remember anything. Sanjana tries to mock him but Gayatri rebukes her. Jia calls Karthik. Gayatri asks Karthik to eat food but he says he is not hungry and leaves from there.

Kusum sees a gold chain bill. She thinks if Mangal hides it from her. Kusum confronts Mangal about the chain. She asks Mangal why she hid the chain from her.

Adit tries to cool Soumya by giving a chain but she doesn’t accept it. She questions him what is the name of their relationship. Adit says he loves her. Soumya says she saw there was no love for her outside the room. Lakshmi comes to the office and asks the receptionist about Adit’s room and goes to his room. A mysterious person takes Lakshmi’s photos.

Adit assures Soumya that he just loves her, not Mangal. He asks her to throw the chain if she can’t understand his love. Soumya gets convinced and asks him to put the chain on her neck. Adit puts the chain on her neck. Peon enters Adit’s room and tells him that someone came to meet him. Adit sees Lakshmi come to his office. Soumya tells him that she will handle Lakshmi.

Kusum throws the jewellery she gifted to Mangal. Kusum’s husband asks Kusum what happened. Kusum says to her husband that Mangal purchased a 1.2lakh chain but they can’t afford to send them to Vaishno temple. Mangal says Adit purchased the chain and she doesn’t know about it. Kusum asks her to not lie and leaves from there without listening to Mangal.

Sonia calls Lakshmi and asks her to come to her house to take her blouses. Lakshmi asks her to send blouses to her shop. She cuts the call seeing Soumya. Soumya meets Lakshmi and asks why she came. Lakshmi says she came to give the file to Adit. Soumya says Adit is busy and asks her to give the file to her. While giving the file Lakshmi sees a chain in Soumya’s neck which is purchased by Adit. She says to Soumya that she will give the file to Adit only.

Later Lakshmi meets Adit. Adot asks Lakshmi what’s the matter that she wants to meet him. Lakshmi gives him the file. Adit thanks her and says she can leave. Lakshmi questions why he gifted expensive jewellery to Soumya and what’s the relationship between them. Adit is taken aback. Lakshmi says she will not leave until he answers her. She demands him to answer. Adit says to Lakshmi that Soumya is his girlfriend and ask her tell everyone about it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Adit reveals his affair with Soumya to his family.

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