Mehndi Wala Ghar 2nd April 2024 Written Update: Rahul saves Mauli from Manas

Mehndi Wala Ghar 2nd April 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone hearing the laughing sound, so they go to see what’s happening. The Agrewal brothers laugh and also chants that Akshay will play Holi. Akshay tells them that he won’t play Holi as he has given his words to them. They all reminisce about their childhood memories that’s related to Akshay. Others see everything from upstairs. Mauli realises someone made the brothers drink the bhang. She questions Rahul about it through a message. Rahul reveals to her it’s him. He also assures her that his plan will work out. Mauli remains worried.

Akshay tells Ajay that the latter shouldn’t leave the house like both Vijay and Manoj. He then starts explaining his struggles to saving their house and business at a young age without their support. The family members who aren’t influenced by the bhaang get emotional hearing the brothers’ conversation. Jyoti cries and tells that Akshay missed his brother’s all these years to both Swara and Tanvi.

Both Vijay and Manoj also talk to each other about their issue. All of them cries. Manisha tells her brothers that she has cried alone since the day all three brothers left the house. Everyone gets emotional. Manoj tells his brother’s that they all can play Holi just like the days they used to celebrate it. Everyone gets happy and emotional. Rahul takes a photo of the Agrewal brothers.

Janki maa and Hari have an emotional conversation about the Agrewal brothers. Janki hope’s soon the brothers forget about their differences and reunite with each other. She also praises Mauli for her efforts. Hari tells her that even Rahul also puts an effort to reunite the brothers. Janki maa stares ahead. Later, the entire Agrewal’s happily play Holi with each other by applying colours on each other. Rahul and Mauli wish each other a Happy Holi.

Manas decides to apply colour on Mauli, but Mauli refuses by giving him an excuse. Mauli and Manoj applies colour on each other. Manas see this from far. He decides not to spare Mauli. He further thinks in his mind to put an end to his drama by putting Mauli in a bad light in front of the family members so that he can get Manoj’s properties then he can settle with Aasna.

Later, Mauli goes inside a room, but Manas tries to speak with her. Again, Mauli ignores him, and then she goes inside a room. Manas follows her inside the room. Mauli gets shocked. She questions Manas, but the latter gives her an excuse. Also, he locks the door inside. Mauli gets confused. She demands Manas to leave the place, but Manas refuses also he approaches her. He further tries to force himself on her, saying that they are married. Mauli warns him, but Manas refuses to listen to her. Mauli pushes him away, and then she comes out of the room. Rahul sees it, so he questions Manas about it. Both Manas and Rahul end up getting into a fight. The family members rush there.

Both Vijay and Manoj get into a fight when Manoj shouts at Rahul for raising his hand on Manas. Janki maa beats them both, and she shouts at them for forgetting their principles. She then asks Mauli to tell them what happened. Mauli wonders what she should because she can’t let down both Manoj and Rahul.

Precap: Mauli faces the questions of the Agrewal’s while Manas looks worried.

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