Meet 13th June 2022 Written Update: Sunaina’s demand shocks Ahlawats


Meet 13th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Isha and Deep welcoming Raj to give a speech. Raj gives credits to Meet that she did a lot for their in laws and her contribution is notable. Sunaina gets irked hearing that. Raj says now she is going to give them another big happiness by giving birth to a little bundle of joy. Deep says he is not the part of the family but still Meet did so much for him. Raj and other men of the family salute all the mothers who carry the child in their womb for more than nine months. Isha says now it’s time to start the ritual. Babita says Meet will sit on the small stool and they will bless her one by one. Meet Ahlawat brings a sofa for Meet saying she will sit on it to perform the ritual. Babita says but that’s not the rule.

Meet’s family arrives for the baby shower ritual, Meet gets happy seeing them and Babita says Meet Ahlawat brought a sofa and Meet can’t perform the ritual sitting on it. Anu says it doesn’t matter but the mother and the child should be healthy and safe in the end. After the ritual Isha and Deep announce another game that will be played by the women of the house. The women will tell about some healthy facts of some vegetables for 30 seconds but they will replace the veggies’ names with their husbands’ names.

Babita takes the mango and tells about it’s benefits and replaces the name with Raj. She teases him and everyone enjoys seeing that. Ragini picks tamarind, Masoom picks lemon and take the names of their husbands but Sunaina doesn’t give much reactions about Tej. Meet and Meet Ahlawat say that they will give dance performance on their special day. Meet says she won’t dance that much, her movements will be less. They dance on Sweety Tera Gana song. Everyone claps for them. Sunaina then goes on stage in Meet’s get up. She says she will act like Meet today and Masoom will be the supporting character with Duggu. Another boy will be there who will act like Meet’s child.

Masoom acts like a caring mother and treats Duggu with care by making tasty food for him and also by showering love. But Sunaina acts carelessly and tries to show that Meet won’t be good mother and won’t treat her child in proper manner. She will feed her child junk food and also won’t show that much affection. Meet’s child cries and asks for love from Masoom. Seeing all of that Meet and Meet Ahlawat feel strange. After the drama Sunaina says she didnt show anything illogical but she portrayed the exact emotions that Meet would have portrayed.

Meet replies that she won’t be that much careless towards her baby. Tej also scolds Sunaina and the latter is about to leave but bumps into Ram and Lakhan. She badmouths them and blames them for ruining the peace of her life. Meet tells her to apologise to Ram and Lakhan as they are kids. Sunaina says she will never do that but she blames Meet for bringing Ram and Lakhan in her life. According to Sunaina, Meet is getting all the attention and she won’t be able to feel Sunaina’s pain. She even got the traditional necklace. Babita is about to interfere but Raj stops her saying Meet will handle the matter. Meet says what she can do for Sunaina so that the latter feels good. Sunaina says then Meet has to promise her that she will give her child to Sunaina. It shocks Meet and everyone in the house.

Episode ends

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