Meet 17th January 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat takes Manushi’s help for Meet


Meet 17th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet saying you raised me since childhood and if I’m not burden to you then how will you become a burden to me. Anubha says it’s my responsibility and now we don’t need your help as you’re married. Meet says I promised to Dad that I will take care of this house like him so I will do it so accept the money as I’m stubborn and will take care of this house responsibilities until I die and it’s my right as a daughter which no one can snatch. Anubha says your Dad is dead and your promise is dead with him and if you’re daughter of him then I’m also his wife and can take care of me and my mother in law and if you want to come here then come as a married woman and no need to take our responsibility and she throws her out and locks the door. Meet knocks on the door and asks what mistake she did and she breaks down near the door. Otherside of the door Anubha cries badly. Dadi consoles her.

Worker gives the letter to Meet Ahlawat saying he gets it from his pant. Meet Ahlawat asks him to keep it on the table. Manushi comes there and asks why he is not reading. Meet Ahlawat moves away from her. Manushi asks if anything happening in his heart. Meet Ahlawat says no one has space in his heart except his wife. Manushi insists him to read the slip. Meet Ahlawat throws the glass and it’s turned to be his dream then he opens the letter thinking he wants to give a special gift to his wife and he gets to know that Meet likes Revdi prepared by Dad on Lohri so you can surprise with her by preparing it and I will be waiting for you at kitchen around 2pm when no one is around. Meet Ahlawat thinks he will go to prepare special gift to Meet.

Meet gets tears while eating spicy panipuri and she asks the vendor to add more spice. Ram and Lakhan asks her what happened seeing her state. Meet says don’t know what happened, why Mom is changed suddenly. Anubha says I’m proud of Meet as she is handling the responsibilities but I’m worried for her life as Meet is busy with delivery work and Manushi is staying at Ahlawat mansion and she might snatch everything from our Meet which I don’t want to happen that’s why I don’t want Meet to think about us and wish she can take care of her family. In kitchen Manishi thinks Meet Ahlawat will come to prove that I do not matter to him. Meet says many times Dadi closed door on my face but this time it’s my Mom so I’m feeling alone and lost until now they are proud of me but Today Mom asked me to not hurt her swabhiman. Anubha says Manushi is acting to be good and she wants to end Meet’s relationship with her husband to get him so Meet must stay at home. Amma ji says truth will always win.

Manushi hides seeing Meet Ahlawat then says welcome Jiju and I know you will come as you love Meet. Meet asks her to teach him the recipe. Manushi acts closer to him while teaching recipe, she purposely trips but Meet Ahlawat helps her by holding her. Manushi thanks him and he hurts his hand while preparing the sweet. Manushi caresses his hand and he leaves from Kitchen. Anubha opens the door and sees Meet then she asks if she didn’t leave. Meet says she is ready to bear her punishment and asks her to take money. Anubha asks if she thinks she is begging? Then she asks her to donate in front of mohalle people to kill her Swamibhaan. Meet asks her to don’t do it then Anubha says you have to come here as married woman so tell me if you agree or not. Meet leaves on her bike. Anubha in tears thinks it’s time for you to think for your happiness Meet. Meet returns parcels saying she is not in a mood to deliver them and will do later. He agrees. Meet Ahlawat thinks why Manushi is still affecting me? No she cant, as I have Meet in my life and she is important to me.

Episode ends.

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