Meet 18th July 2022 Written Update: Manushi asks Manjiri to meet her again


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The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat drinking alcohol. He recalls Manjiri’s harsh words. Manjiri comes in and tells him that Raj sent him to his room, she had no choice but coming here. Meet Ahlawat gets up and takes shaving cream. He drops it mistakenly and it goes near Manjiri. He recalls how Meet pressed the bottle by mistake with her feet and Meet Ahlawat slipped due to that. Manjiri is about step on it but Meet Ahlawat saves her from falling. He also falters due to alcohol effect and both of them hold each other. She is about to leave him but he pulls her near him. He gets close to her and says why she is playing with his emotions? He can sense that she is Meet only by her smell, touch everything. He tells her to admit she is Meet.

Manjiri recalls Babita’s words that she needs to understand from his perspective as well. She closes her eyes and there through the spy camera Manushi and Kunal notice everything what Manjiri is doing. Manjiri says yes she is Meet. It shocks Meet Ahlawat and he moves backward. Manushi also tells Kunal that she knew Manjiri is Meet. Manjiri’s camera falls off and Manushi fails to see anything. She says her purpose is fulfilled so she doesn’t need to know anything now. Manjiri tells Meet Ahlawat that if her one lie can change him as a person then she will keep lying to him that she is his wife. She says he should stop hating women and their success. He should start respecting his mother again. Meet Ahlawat says he still can’t believe that she is not Meet. He lays on the couch and Manjiri gives him support. He holds her hand and her one bangle gets broken.

Manushi gives pastry to Kunal to celebrate their victory. Kunal enjoys eating it. He says they can inform Masoom about Manjiri’s truth that she is Meet. Manushi says they can’t take risk by doing that as Masoom is a weak player for them. Manushi says she is ready with her next move so Kunal doesn’t need to worry about Meet Hooda. Hoshiyar brings a gift for Masoom and tells her to open it. Popatrani says it must be a saree or a dress. Masoom doesn’t like the saree and she calls it cheap and tacky. She scolds Hosiyar for that and the latter says he doesn’t have much knowledge about sarees but he will bring better presents from next time.

Popatrani tells Hosiyar to control Masoom and he says she is very angry and clever, noone can scare her. Popatrani takes up the challenge that she will scare Masoom. Hoshiyar says if she wins he will give her ten thousand rupees and vice versa. Manjiri notices that Ragini’s bangles are missing. Babita says that were her favourite bangles. Ragini says she will make new ones. She hides that she gave those to Barfi. Manjiri leaves for some work. Barfi arrives to meet Isha. Ragini and Babita say that they are making guest lists for the wedding and booked five star resort for that. Isha comes to Barfi and the latter tells her to touch her feet by bending down properly.

Barfi tells Isha to stand on the weight machine to see if she is gaining weight. Isha feels strange but Ragini tells her to do that. Barfi says she is seeing if Isha is eating laddoos daily or not. Popatrani waits for Manjiri and tells her to help as she took up the challenge to scare Masoom. Manjiri gets Manushi’s video call and she gets excited. Manushi says she wants to launch Manjiri in her new music video. She is impressed by Manjiri so she wants to meet her again. Manjiri gets ready to meet her again. Manushi thinks she knows Manjiri’s reality so she will expose Meet in front of everyone.

Episode ends

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