Meet 18th March 2023 Written Update: Meet, Manmeet join hands

Meet 18th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Meet recalls the death of his father and cries. He asks Manmeet to forgive her. She says that she doesn’t want Yashoda and Sarkar’s relationship to get spoiled because of her. She doesn’t want anyone’s parents to separate from each other. Manmeet says that he doesn’t want her apologies or sympathy. He removes the electric connection. He warns Meet to not roam around Sarkar or Yashoda. He leaves. Later, Meghna applies ointment on Meet’s wound. Meet says that she could not feel her pain in front of Manmeet’s pain. She feels that Manmeet is broken from inside.

Manmeet cries and tells Shagun that he is in pain. He asks her to do something. He asks her to do anything in order to stop the marriage. Sagun says that she has nothing to do. Manmeet says that he will tell Sarkar if he marries Jalebi, he and Shagun won’t get married. Shagun asks him to stop. She asks him to not say all these. Manmeet says that his mother is in pain, if she is not happy he can’t become happy too. He vents his frustration. Shagun asks him to calm down. Meet approaches them.

Meet tells Manmeet if they both come together they can do many things. Her intelligence and his actions can do wonders according to her. She believes that together they can change Sarkar’s decision. She asks him to join hands. Manmeet thinks that he will convince Sarkar to not marry Jalebi saying he will kick Meet out of his house and life. He pushes Meet’s hand away. He says that he alone is enough he doesn’t need any help from Meet. Sundari comes there and informs Meet that Yashoda has not eaten anything since the morning.

Manmeet approaches Yashoda and requests her to have food. Yashoda refuses to eat food and cries. Manmeet tells her that he and his brothers won’t let anything bad happen to her. Meet comes there and informs them that Sarkar has mixed poison in the food so that Yashoda doesn’t create problem in marriage. Yashoda forcefully eats the food. She says if Sarkar doesn’t want her to stay alive she will die. Manmeet freaks out. Meet reveals that there was no poision in Yashoda’s food. Meet says that Yashoda can’t die, she has to live long to separate her and Manmeet.

Yashoda gets enraged asks Meet to go away. Meet says that Yashoda should show the same attitude of her infront of Sarkar so that he doesn’t dare to marry Jalebi. Meet leaves. Manmeet becomes speechless. Imarti brings Jalebi to Sarkar’s room. Jalebi gives foot massage to Sarkar. Imarti tells Sarkar that she fears Meet can create problems in the marriage. Sarkar asks both to go and relax. Sarkar plans to appoint someone to keep eyes on Meet’s activities. Manmeet approaches Meet and says that he wants to talk to her. He tells Meet that he wants to join hands with her to stop the second marriage of Sarkar. Meet delibarety teases him. He puts his hand forward. Meet holds his hand and they shake hands. Shagun sees it. The episode ends.

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