Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 18th March 2023 Written Update: Radha decides to tell Bhushan’s truth to Mohan


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 18th March 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Radha burns Bhushan’s hand. Everyone comes to the kitchen hearing Bhushan’s scream. Kadambari asks Bhushan that how it happened. Radha is about to tell the truth. But Bhushan interrupts and lies that he put his hand in the oil by mistake. He says that Radha did nothing wrong. Kadambari and Kaveri scolds Bhushan for his carelessness.

Kadambari tells Radha to bring ice water, but Radha does not move from there. Damini brings ice water. Kaveri blames Radha for the accident. Damini says that she would have helped Bhushan. Radha tries to tell the truth but Kadambari interrupts and scolds Radha. Kadambari also blames Radha for Bhushan’s condition. Bhushan asks everyone to stop it. He tells them that Radha is still kid and she will learn everything.

Radha tells herself that her doubt was right. She recalls that how she felt uncomfortable when Bhushan touched her. She says that Bhushan is devil and she decides to tell about him to Mohan. Kadambari comes there and tells Radha to finish the cooking. She says that she will send Dulari for help and leaves from there. Bhushan comes there and tells her that everyone loves him and they hates her so they won’t believe her. He tells her to put extra chilly in his food and leaves from there. She decides to tell the truth to Mohan after lunch. She says that she know Mohan will trust her in this matter at any cost. And other family members will trust Mohan.

Mohan helps Gungun to get ready for school. Gungun tells him to buy organic holi colours. Mohan tells her that he will tell Ajeet to buy. She tells him that Ajeet is busy in holi preparations. She calls Dulari as bua. He tells her that Radha must have taught her. He asks her to accompany him to market. She tells him that she is busy. She says that Mohan does nothing than using phone. He tells her that Radha must have told her this. She tells him to go to office if he is feeling bad then. Tulsi tells herself that Radha executed her plan through Gungun.

Gungun tells Mohan that her friends fathers goes to office. Mohan asks her that what else Radha said. She tells him that she has to go to school and leaves from there. Damini overhears their conversation. She wonders that if Radha saw the papers that’s why Radha want Mohan to go to office. She tells Kaveri that Radha Underwood that their secret is related to office. Kaveri tells Damini that they destroyed the proof already.

In the kitchen, Radha recalls Bhushan’s words. Ketki comes there and asks Radha that if the latter is fine. Radha tells her that the latter is looking tensed. She asks that if it’s related to Bhushan. Ketki scolds her and leaves from there. Radha says that Ketki is hiding something from her for sure and she saw fear in Ketki’s eyes.

Episode ends.

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