Meet 22nd August 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat sends a mail to Isha on Deep’s behalf


Meet 22nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat coming to his room with Neelam. Meet shows up and surprises them. She says she missed her room a lot doesn’t matter she came back after months or not. She can’t stay in another room. Meet Ahlawat says they will go to the guest room. Meet tells them to leave and closes the door. Meet feels disheartened and says Meet Ahlawat doesn’t have idea how much pain she is going through. She is broken. Meet Ahlawat shows the guest room to Neelam and shows her the switches. She tries to open the window but it’s stuck. He helps her in doing so and their hands get touched. They apologise to each other for that. Meet Ahlawat tells her to call any house help if she needs anything.

Isha stops Meet Ahlawat and questions him why he did this to Meet, when they are made for each other. They love each other then why he took this decision and betrayed her. Raj wanted their remarriage then how will he accept his marriage with Neelam. Meet Ahlawat could have shared his worries with his sister. Now she wants answer. Meet Ahlawat recalls how Barfi forced him to marry Neelam. He says he will tell her everything when the right time will come. He tells Isha not to worry. Isha asks him about Deep if he has reached safely or not. Deep didn’t contact her yet. Meet Ahlawat makes excuse of bad network connection thus Deep is failing to contact her. He lies that Deep reached safely. Meet gets ready in her room and applies vermillion on her forehead. Meet Ahlawat opens Deep’s stuffs secretly in the store room. He sees the letters written by Isha.

He thinks he has to send replies to Isha on behalf of Deep else she will be tensed. He tries to log in to Deep’s mail ID. He tries different passwords but it doesn’t get matched. He recalls how he took Deep’s mail password from him once and Deep said he won’t change it later too as he has nothing to hide from Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat applies the same password and the account opens. He gets emotional thinking Deep was really honest. He sends a mail to Isha from Deep’s side that he has reached safely and he will call her later. Meet enters the store room to take some ingredient for puja. She calls him and he gets shocked seeing her.

She asks him what he is doing here? He says now she doesn’t have any control over his life so he is not answerable to her. Meet says priest is calling them to attend the puja for their child’s demise. He should go with her by keeping aside his anger for once. She sits for the puja but Meet Ahlawat stops her saying he won’t sit with her for the puja. He lost his baby due to Meet so he can’t pray for his child with her. Meet says he is noone to stop her, she is the mother and she has the right to sit for the puja. Babita says Meet Ahlawat is that unlucky father who couldn’t hold his child in his arms. So he can stop Meet, Meet replies she is not demanding anything extra but its her right to attend the puja for her child.

Meet Ahlawat remains adamant and doesn’t participate in the puja. Meet moves backward and finally he starts performing the rituals. They both pray to God for their child and there one priest holds their baby in his arms and tells a person that the baby is found in a truck which was filled with flowers. She is the blessing of Matarani. Meet’s son is wearing the Matarani’s locket which Anubha made him wear before the accident.

Episode ends

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