Meet 25th November 2022 Written Update: Laila tries to kill Babita and Meet Ahlawat


Meet 25th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Meet bringing Neelam to the Ahlawat mansion. Hoshiyar comments to Masum on Meet’s behaviour. Masum also talks about it. Neelam says to Ahlawat’s family she knows she cannot be forgiven and apologises to Ahlawat family and especially Meet Ahlawat for her behaviour. Hoshiyar reminds Meet Ahlawat that Neelam is dangerous and asks him to be careful. Meet asks Neelam to come inside. Raj stops and says Neelam will not come inside and says he arranged for her to stay in the out house. Meet takes Neelam to the out house.

Meet asks Neelam if she wants anything. Neelam asks for some juice. Meet goes to get it. Babita asks Neelam if her drama is over or not. Neelam apologises to Babita and says she didn’t do anything. Babita asks Neelam the name of the poison i.e. injected into Meet Ahlawat’s body. Neelam says she doesn’t know. Babita hearing this slaps Neelam. Laila comes out of Neelam and hits Babita back with a vase. Laila takes Babita’s saree and wraps it around her neck and chokes Babita. Meet Ahlawat hears the shouts of Babita and goes to Neelam’s room.

Meet asks Masum why is she preparing the sweets. Masum says in the happy event of Meet Ahlawat’s getting cured. Masum says Babita went to find out the poison’s name from Neelam. Meet recalls what the doctor said. Meet Ahlawat comes to Neelam’s room. Meet Ahlawat sees Laila choking Babita. Meet Ahlawat asks Laila to leave Babita. Laila leaves Babita and fights with Meet Ahlawat and tries to kill Meet Ahlawat with a pillow. Babita asks Laila to leave Meet Ahlawat. Meet sees Laila is trying to kill Meet Ahlawat in her watch. Meet goes to Laila’s room. Meet saves Meet Ahlawat from Laila’s hand. Meet holds Laila against the wall and asks Babita to take Meet Ahlawat from here. Babita takes Meet Ahlawat from there. Meet says to Laila that whenever she tries to kill Meet Ahlawat, Meet will be there as a shield to protect him. Laila gets out of Meet’s hold and says she has to bring Meet Ahlawat to her and says only she knows the name of the slow poison given to Meet Ahlawat. Laila tries to hit Meet with a vase. Meet defends herself and gives a counter to Laila and locks her in the outhouse. Laila bangs on the door.

Raj sees Babita and Meet Ahlawat’s condition and asks what has happened? Babita says to Raj that Laila is mad and says Neelam tried to kill her and Meet Ahlawat. Babita asks Meet Ahlawat to drink water. Meet Ahlawat couldn’t raise his hand to drink water. Masum puts the glass aside. Masum says no one will bring their enemy to their own home. Raj says to Meet that she must have a thought about bringing Neelam to this house. Meet says she knows Laila is dangerous and says only she knows the name of the poison and says she is waiting to find out the name of the poison.

Meet comes and asks Meet Ahlawat asks if he is fine? Meet Ahlawat says he is fine and says he called her so that he will look good. Meet understands and takes a shirt from the closet. The table accidentally falls. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet what will he do if he doesn’t get cured. Meet asks Meet Ahlawat to not think like that. Meet helps Meet Ahlawat give a sponge bath and flirts with him. Meet dresses Meet Ahlawat after the bath.

Meet Ahlawat asks Meet what is the question that she wants to ask Neelam? Meet says she wants to know if Neelam really has a split personality disorder or not and says they will ask the name of the person who helped Laila and says we will see how Neelam will react. Meet sketches the guy and asks Meet Ahlawat’s help to correct her. Meet Ahlawat agrees. Meet draws the sketch of the guy who helped Laila. Meet Ahlawat also confirms this is the guy.

Episode ends.

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