Meet 27th March 2023 Written Update: Shagun slaps Meet


Meet 27th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Manmeet recalls Sarkar’s words. Shagun comes to give him kurta to wear. She sees the kurta that Manmeet is wearing already. She says this kurta was given as a gift by Raj, Babita during Meet and Manmeet’s wedding. She asks Manmeet to remove the kurta and wear the one she has brought for him. Manmeet says it was in front of his eyes so he wore it. Shagun asks him if he will marry Meet if she stays infront of his eyes. Manmeet asks her if she has lost her senses. Shagun hugs him and cries. She says that she can’t tolorate Meet with her Manmeet.

Manmeet comforts her. Later, Manmeet ties the gadbandhan of Sarkar and Meet. Gunwanti and Swapna praise Meet. Mahendra thinks that Meet is winning the hearts of the ladies of Sarkar Mahal and changing the existing rules of the house too. Sarkar and Yashoda complete the pheras. Light goes. Video of Sarkar and Yashoda plays in big screen. Everyone adores them. Suddenly the clip of Meet and SP Bhati plays in the screen. Everyone gets shocked including Meet and SP Bhati.

Light comes back. Shagun slaps Meet. She questions Meet about her relationship with SP Bhati. She claims that Meet and SP Bhati have illegal affair with each other. Guests call Meet characterless. Gunwanti questions Meet for breaking her trust. Meet looks at Manmeet. Manmeet looks down. He says that he recorded the video out of anger during Holi. Shagun asks him to not justify his action. She suggests him to show the video in court and seek divorce with Meet.

Flashback shows that Sarkar gave the video to Shagun and asks her to defame Meet in order to separate Meet and Manmeet. Sp Bhati calls all these Manmeet’s ploy. Manmeet remains silent. Shagun asks him if he is fine. Meet goes outside. She recalls whatever just happened and cries. Sarkar and Manmeet come there. Sarkar says that Manmeet loves him and his family very much and he did all these for his family. He claims that he accepted Yashoda for Manmeet’s sake and in return he defamed Meet.

He believes that Meet won’t have any answer to give when Manmeet will question Meet’s charecter in the court. Manmeet looks down. Meet gets teary eyed. Sarkar asks Manmeet to spread the news so that no woman dares to become independent like Meet. Manmeet nods. Sarkar praises him. Manmeet says that he has none else except Sarkar and he can’t afford to lose him. He leaves from there and goes to his room. Meet goes there and confronts him. She criticizes Manmeet for his deeds. She says that she use to think that Manmeet is different from other male members of the family but today Manmeet has proved her wrong.

She slams Manmeet for maligning her charecter. Manmeet asks Meet to leave Sarkar Mahal and live her life. He recalls how Sarkar threatened to disown him incase Manmeet refuses to defame Meet. Manmeet says that he took revenge against Meet as he defeated him in the wrestling match. Meet calls him coward for whatever he did. She asked him why he didn’t let her die then. Manmeet says that none is above Sarkar for him and he will prove it tomorrow in the court. He leaves. Meet cries. The episode ends.

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