Meet 27th October 2021 Written Update: Babita allows Meet to join her delivery job


Meet 27th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet Ahlwat says she stealed credit card from me and I received message that 4lakhs transaction was done and she may used it for her family expenses. Rajvardhan tries to defend her but Babitha stops him. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet to accept the truth. Meet says i did it. Everyone looks shocked. Meet drinks water and asks why you guys are seeing me in that way, I accepted that I take his card and she asks Raj for his card saying she needs it for shopping. Raj gives her card saying his card limit is 20lakhs unlike Meet. Meet Ahlawat asks her to know pin too. Meet says wow, thsn how I know your pin? And how I take money without knowing your pin number. Raj asks Meet to answer. Meet says you may check when last transaction happened before blaming me. Raj asks him to check.

Meet checks and says it’s happening before marriage. Ram scolds him for his lack of concentration. Isha says don’t scold him as Bhai gave his card to me and I don’t sven remember if I returned to him or not and I took that card to buy dress and Kunal bro came with me that day and she apologies to Meet. Meet Ahlwat says fine. Meet asks him to block the card and takes phone. Chavi says it’s her phone. Meet throws it asks her to catch it. Chavi catches it and which exposes her hand is fine. Everyone gets shocked. Sunaina asks Chavi why she lied. Meet asks everyone if thry want her to apologize to her. Raj says no need as you proved yourself as innocent and this Chavi lied to us. Masoom changes everything and asks Chavi to tell everyone it’s prank. Hoshiyar Apologize to everyone for his sister’s prank.

Ragini says some other needs to apologise to Meet. Raj asks Meet to apologise to his wife. Meet Ahlawat about to apologise to Meet but she stops him and request Babitha to allow her to work. Babita says she don’t want their daughter in law to work in delivery job as it spoils thrir reputation. Meet Ahlwat request his Mom to give her permission than Babita allows Meet to continue with her job. Meet takes her and Raj blessings.

Meet gets adavance from her work place when she informed them that she will join the work from next day. Electricity people comes to Anubha place to cut the connection of house saying their bill is not yet cleared. Dadi mocks Anubha says Girl can’t become boy. Anubha asks what’s bill amount thsn they says it’s 25k. They gets shocked. Meet receives money and coudnt pay because of lack of net than she gets connected to net with Meet Ahlawat’s Mobile hotspot and pays the electricity bill and she happily hugs Meet and thanks him. Than she realises what she did and both breaks their hug. Meet receives her Mom call and she informs to Meet that electricity people leave without cutting the connection. Meet tells her, they won’t face any problem from now onwards.

Episode ends.

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