Meet 29th November 2021 Written Update: Meet burns divorce papers in a bonfire


Meet 29th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Everyone enjoys near bonfire. Raj and Ram recalls their childhood moments. Raj plays the song kitna haseena chehra saying his memories with Babita are linked with it. Meet Ahlawat searches for Meet. Babita and Raj dances for that dance. Meet comes out. Meet Ahlawat signs her to sit beside him. Meet turns in tears recalling Meet Ahlawat and Masoom warning thsn she sits far from Meet Ahlawat but he tries to sit with Meet. Masoom notices it and occupies the place behind Meet and shows her watch. Meet notices it’s near to 12 and she is about to leave but Meet Ahlawat stops her and asks her by questioning why she is behaving weird and asks her to answer his questions. Meet tells him he will get his answers soon.

Manushi vomits continuosly. Dadi gives her water and asks if she have any outside food than she says she will call Doctor but Manushi leaves to her room asking Dadi to not call Doctor. Anubha returns to home from market. Dadi tells to Anubha that she is feeling something changed in Manushi behaviour. Anubha says glad finally you’re seeing her real side. Dadi says you always love Meet but my Manushi is gold. Anubha says kids are equal to Mom but they are not equal because of their qualities and I wish you can find it soon.

Masoom thinks 10m left so she may went to get divorce papers. Meet comes out with envelope. Masoom forwards her hand but Meet leaves that envelope in bonfire. Raj asks what happened. Meet says don’t worry as those are waste papers than she recalls Raj advice to face the problem than she tells to Masoom that I respect my relationship with my husband so I won’t divorce Dodhu ram. Meet Ahlawat places his hand on Meet shoulder and asks her to answer his questions. Meet does sits up holding her tears. Babita asks what happened. Meet says I hurted him that’s why I’m doing it to get forgiveness. Raj asks Meet to forgive her. Meet Ahlawat stops her. Meet apologies to him for not giving attention to him and then she tells to him that she won’t leave him alone as she is ready to take his responsibility. Chavi about to cover Meet Ahlwat with Shawl but Meet takes it and cover Meet Ahlawat with it.

Chavi tells to Masoom that she is doing it as tit for tat. Masoom says emd your dramas. Raj asks why she is using that tone. Masoom says you guys are trusting this girl but she is lier. Babita asks her to think before blaming anyone. Masoom says I’m not blaming her and asks her if Manushi is staying at her place or not, she is hiding this matter from us with her Dadi and Mom. Babita asks Meet, if it’s true. Meet says yes and Manushi came to home in a state where we can’t deny her. Raj says why to punish Meet for Manushi mistake and I’m shocked why Masoom revealed this matter in this way. Masoom tries to explain but Raj stops her and it turns to be Masoom dream and she thinks to make Meet to reveal it to the family.

Episode ends.

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