Meet 2nd July 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat seeks help from Manjiri


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The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat expecting that Manjiri will snatch his wallet. But he finds that the lady bike rider is trying to take his wallet. She says that day Meet Ahlawat has insulted her and gave her two thousand notes. He has no right to look down upon a woman. Manjiri hears that and says it means Meet Ahlawat doesn’t respect a woman at all. They gather some more women in the market and they head towards Meet Ahlawat’s car. Manjiri pours muddy water on his car and makes it dirty. Other women puncture his car tyres. They leave after teaching him a lesson. Meet Ahlawat gets furious and he breaks the bangles which he finds on his car.

Babita searches for Manjiri’s House and asks Duggu if this is the right address? How will they now find the right house. Manushi gains consciousness and she tells about her dream to Kunal that Meet is back. Kunal gets scared and says if that’s true then Meet will seek revenge from them. Babita and the kids find Manjiri’s poster and think now they can find her. Babita gets happy to see that. Meet Ahlawat comes and asks her why they have come here to meet that cheater despite his warning. Babita says she wanted to see her once and Meet Ahlawat tells the right address to them saying they can see that cheater again but he will have no relation with her anymore.

Raj wakes up and asks about Meet. Tej says Meet Ahlawat is trying his best, surely he will bring her back. Raj gets upset to know Meet is not back yet. Meet Ahlawat goes to his room and recalls Manjiri. Hoshiyar comes to him and shows him Manjiri’s adhar card, school certificate etc. He adds this proves Manjiri can’t be Meet. Raj’s health worsens and Meet Ahlawat rushes to see him. He gives him courage to not give up. Meet Ahlawat rubs his hand and nurse says Raj’s heart rate is getting slow. Raj keeps on taking Meet’s name and Meet Ahlawat ensures him that he will bring her back soon.

Meet Ahlawat sees his alter ego who says to him that why he looks disturbed as that’s not real Meet, even Hoshiyar proved that. Meet Ahlawat should not find Meet in Manjiri. Meet Ahlawat says he doesn’t think so, he feels that is Meet. He breaks a vase and says but still he will take her to the mansion for Raj’s recovery. Manjiri sings song at her home and Meet Ahlawat arrives. She gets shocked and tells him to go back. Meet Ahlawat says he wants her help urgently. She has to become his wife and will go to his house. It shocks Manjiri and she calls Popatrani. Popatrani argues with Meet Ahlawat and he explains that his father is not well. Hoshiyar also requests Popatrani and the latter gets impressed seeing him. Popatrani says Manjiri is her niece.

Meet Ahlawat tells Manjiri to sit silently. He says his father loves Meet a lot but she left them a year ago. Raj suffered from heart attacks so now only Manjiri can take care of him. Hoshiyar asks Meet Ahlawat to show Meet’s photo to Manjiri. Meet Ahlawat replies he deleted all her photos. Hoshiyar shows them one and Manjiri gets surprised. Manjiri says Meet looks so old fashioned and her clothes are also tacky. Her hair is short. Hoshiyar says Meet is different from others and Raj used to love her as his daughter. Manjiri finds herself in tough spot thinking she should help Meet Ahlawat or not.

Episode ends

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