Meet Upcoming Story: Meet and Manmeet will receive an auspicious garland!


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Zee TV’s popular show Meet stars Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey in lead roles. Meet Hooda is a strong-willed young girl from Haryana whose story is told on the show. Currently the show is gearing up for major twists and turns.

In the previous episode, Everyone is informed by Sundari that Anuja smokes. Yashoda retaliates against Anuja. Sundari reprimands and slaps Anuja. She says she will punish Anuja for her actions and invites her to accompany her. She confines Anuja to the room.

The flashback reveals that Sundari and Anuja had a plan for Anuja to escape the house and reach the hospital. Meet approaches Sundari. Sundari manages the situation in some way. Yashoda informs Manmeet that she cannot witness his suffering.

She says she will pray for Meet’s departure from his life. They exchange an emotional embrace. The Sarkar family gathers in the temple for the Shivratri Puja. Meet prays for her victory and the victory of all women. She asks God for assistance.

Yashoda prays for the happiness of Manmeet and the expulsion of Meet from his life. Shagun prays that Manmeet will win the wrestling match. Meghna compares Meet with God. She thanks Meet and desires to have a sister-in-law similar to her.

Meet attempts to frighten Shagun, but Shagun is unaffected. Meet ponders the next step to take. Manmeet explains to Narendra that he cannot read Meet’s mind. He acknowledges her intellect. According to Narendra, Manmeet will win the competition. Manmeet feels confident. He promises to give his all in order to defeat Meet.

In the upcoming episode, The priest informs those present in the temple that he will throw an auspicious garland at them, and whoever receives it will have a happy marriage. He closes his eyes and throws the garland, which lands around the necks of Meet and Manmeet.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Meet on Zee TV/Zee 5 app and this space.