Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Amba reveals the truth to Vidhi


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 2nd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Amba saying to Vidhi that she is clearing it for her again. Vidhi became the wife of Dev. Dev has a daughter. Vidhi asks her to stop it. Amba tells her that she isn’t lying. History repeats itself. Dev got a step mom. But here Vidhi had a stepdaughter. She is older than Vidhi. That is the difference. Vidhi asks her to stop creating fake stories. She was already living in a fake world. Doesn’t she imagine Dev being married to her and filling her hairline with vermilion? She is trying to create another rift between her and Dev. She asks her to stop troubling them. Amba says to her that she doesn’t understand the situation. Amba tells her that this happened in 1988. It is going to be released now. Vidhi recalls that Dev’s 1988 diary was missing in Dev’s collection. She has got a ready-made baby. She doesn’t want to carry a baby and feel the pain. She became a mom. Didn’t she warn them that she had fixed a bomb in everyone’s life? It will blast when time comes. Amba leaves from there.

Vidhi recalls Amba’s words and grows suspicious. She thinks that she shouldn’t take her words to heart. She may be lying. She is trying to separate her from Dev. Later, Amba hides by seeing Dev. He feels suspicious and looks around to check. Amba escapes from there without his knowledge. Dev collects the gift and meets Vidhi. He makes Vidhi wear the anklets he bought for her. Both share a romantic time with each other. Dev served dinner for Vidhi. Meanwhile, Amba and Yogesh are enjoying the drinks. Yogesh says to Amba that she is something. She is planning well to destroy them. Amba says that her enemy is a pretty one. They are enjoying the honeymoon here after breaking her heart. They will divorce each other after this honeymoon. Yogesh gives the file to Amba. He tells her that she has been waiting for this for many days. Now she is the shareholder of this company. Amba feeds chocolate to him to celebrate her victory.

Dev and Vidhi spend time with each other. The waiter informs Dev that his card was declined. Dev asks Vidhi to stay in the room. Dev says to the waiter it’s strange. His card was declined. Waiter tells him that Dev Raichand’s card was declined and it’s impossible. There is some problem with the machine. But according to hotel rules, they won’t allow him to stay there without receiving advance. Dev gives his watch to him. Vidhi hears it. Later, Priya scolds Abhimanyu for drinking in the room. He laughs at her. Priya asks him to use his powers in Raichand’s company and show his anger at her. He locks her inside the room. Meanwhile, Vidhi is packing her luggage. Vidhi tells him that she saw everything. Let’s leave from here because we have already had a quality time today. Let’s shift to a suitable hotel. Dev tells her that he will make a call and solve these issues. Vidhi tells him that she doesn’t want to give stress to him. She shares her grief with him. He gave a kiss to her.

Priya asks Abhimanyu to open the door. Abhimanyu breaks things in anger. Meanwhile, Dev and Vidhi are lost in their thoughts. Dev, worried about his card, declined. Vidhi recalls Amba’s words. He shares his doubts with her. Vidhi asks him if he is transparent to his family. She manages the situation. She thinks that she shouldn’t have asked such questions . Later, Vidhi and Dev book a room in another hotel. Urmila creates a scene.

Episode end

Precap; Satyavati will question Abhimanyu what is going between them? Abhimanyu will inform her that he has nothing to do with Priya. He is going to divorce her. Simi will hear it and inform Dev and Vidhi about it.

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