Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Upcoming Story: RaghVi to get married for the second time


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In viewers favorite show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Raghav and Pallavi thanks one another for changing their life by entering the other person’s life. Both Deshmukh’s and Rao’s looks happy. Now it will be interesting to see whose idea is to arrange Raghav and Pallavi to marriage for the second time.

In the current track it shown that Sulochana realises her mistakes and decides to leave them for good but Milind and Amruta Mansi stops her saying they are incomplete without her. Rajini gets happy and thanks God. Sumit tells Esha that she was fooled by others which shocks her. Jaya thanks Sunny for helping Raghav and Pallavi who in return apologises to them for his behavior all this while. Esha comes and accuses both Raghav and Sunny for betraying her. Sunny advices her to change herself but Esha refuses it. Pallavi questions what she did to Raghav and her. How could she stoop this low to snacth a wife’s husband also file a false rape complaint on Raghav in the end.

She also talks how the rape victims are treated in the society. Raghav tells that he gave her confession video to the police shocking Sumit and Esha. Inspector comes there and tells that he will make sure Esha gets punished for this. Esha apologises to Raghav and Pallavi. Raghav thanks Pallavi for making him feel a guilt free life. They both hugs each other. Pallavi thanks Raghav for making her become a fearless person. Raghav kisses Pallavi. Jaya thanks God for the happiness also tells that her husband must be happy seeing their children is having a happy life. Pallavi recalls Raghav’s words and smiles.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Raghav and Pallavi will come down. Both Deshmukh’s and Rao’s will wait for Raghav and Pallavi. Raghav and Pallavi will do the marriage ritual. The family will look happy. Raghav will fill Pallavi’s hairline with vermilion. He will also make her wear Mangalsutra.

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