Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd December 2021 Written Update: Sai shivers while doing Aarti


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd December 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Bhavani saying that she will not do the Aarti today, Sai will do the Aarti today, as a wedded woman she has the power to pray gor her husband and can even bring her husband from death bed, she also ask her to tie the protection band on Virat’s hand. While she is taking Aarti she gets flashback and her hand start shivering, the plate is going to fall Virat holds her and not let her fall. Ashwini ask her to concentrate on Aarti, Bhavani says to her that she is o police officer wife she cannot bece weak. Sai holds and strength herself, she says that she cannot be weak then she finishes the Aarti and puts Virat cap on his head and also ties his protection band.

Virat ask her not to worry and doubts that she was thinking about his last mission, he consoles her that nothing can happen to her as he has thier friendship for protection and then ask her to smile. Sai wants a promise from him that he will come back home to her. Devyani ask him to promise Sai as he never fails his promise, then he also ask Sai to promise to take care of herself. As he is leaving Sai ask him to stop and gives him a lunch box, Sai hugs Virat infront of everyone and she cries. Sonali taunts them that again they have started infront of everyone, Virat whispers to Sai, to miss him and then leaves.

Sai drops him till the gate and consoles her that nothing will happen to him and he will come back as he never fails his promise, she says that she will be waiting for him, he leaves gor his mission in his car. Sai keeps looking at him until he vanishes from her view and wipes her tears. Ashwini prays to Bappa and ask for his success. Bhavani announces everyone to pray for Virat and not to show their crying face. Sai tells to Bhavani that nothing will happen to Virat. They all goes for the pooja, Pakhi tells to Bhavani that while doing Aarti Sai hand was shivering. So this time donot let her do the Aarti let her and Samrat or Mohit and Karusa do the pooja. Ashwini blames Bhavani decision responsible for Virat to go out for the mission.

Sai misses Virat, she then picks up her bag and looks at Virat empty room. She gets flash back, while Virat looks at the lunch box Sai gave him. Sai opens the gifts Virat left for him, he too opens the box she gave him and reads the letter inside that, she also reads the letter he left for her. Sai thinks to call Virat but then thinks that he must be travelling with his colleagues so hiw she can call him. Virat enjoys the Modak and shares it with his colleagues from Sai lunch box. All his colleagues praises Virat that he came for the mission, Virat remembers about Sai. Pakhi comes to Sai room and ask her that she is missing Virat.

Precap- Pakhi welcomes Sai to Virat room as he was not there. She ask Sai not to believe on Virat hollow words. She also warns Sai that the day is not far when someone third will come in between her and Virat.

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