Mehndi Wala Ghar 21st May 2024 Written Update: Rati becomes doubtful about Mauli

Mehndi Wala Ghar 21st May 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with the conversation between Mauli and Rahul. When Rahul suggests to Mauli to wait until the marriage of Manisha. Mauli forbids him to interfere in her personal matter otherwise their friendship will feel out of breath. Their emotional involvement for each other makes worried Rati. Hiding the face of herself, Mauli breaks down in tears in the bathroom. She knows that she have to go leaving Ujjain otherwise their friendship will be ruined.

After hours of searching Nanhe finally find out the receipt copy which he got from the registration office. Nanhe shows it to Hari that he didn’t do any negligence when he was asked to follow all the responsibilities. Hari apologizes to his brother since he scolded him for the negligence. When Vijay and Ajay come to know that Manoj used to know about this issue, they become furious.

Amit Trivedi and Suprabha together plot against the mehndi wala Ghar. Amit suggests if Manisha would be sent to him she would click some photos of their conversation. The photos will be sent to Karan so he will start doubting Manisha that she has kept the relationship with her ex boyfriend. Suprabha gets excited assuming the consequence of their conspiration.

Rahul feels very disturbed because of the misbehaviour of Mauli. He thinks that Mauli will change her decision sooner and later. When Rati comes to him, Rahul thinks Mauli has come to him. Rati questions Rahul about the relationship between Mauli and him. Rahul excellence that they are just friend. When he returned India from abroad Mauli was the first person who became friend of him. The chemistry between Rahul and Mauli makes worried Rati, she understannds that Rahul gives a huge importance to his friend Mauli.

In the midst of the night when everyone falls asleep, Mauli decides to leaves Ujjain so that no one would able to stop her. Jyoti requests her to change her decision but Mauli knows it will be best for Rahul and her. Holding the heavy heart Jyoti bids her adieu. When she is about to leave all the memories of this house haunt her. Rahul comes to Mauli to stop her, he insists her not to go anywhere else, but she again explains her of going. Later, Jyoti reveals to Rahul that Mauli used to love him and requests him to stop her.

Episode ends.

Precap : Amit Trivedi will arrive in the Mehendi Wala Ghar with a bulldozer and will thread that he will smash the whole house within a few hour.

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