Suhaagan 21st May 2024 Written Update: Krishna finds out the secret place of Payal

Suhaagan 21st May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with the security guard of the Shukla house who informs Baldev that their house has caught the fire few hours before. They all become tensed to think who had put the fire in the house. Baldev also asks the security guard whether Bindiya is safe or not. Payal immediately accuses Bindiya who did all this, she intentionally put the fire and left the house. Krishna understands how hypocript Payal is. When they return home, Payal ask her husband how did he manage everything in spite of being intoxicated. Krishna says he didn’t have any other way accept handling the situation.

After a while Krishna suggests Payal to buy a flat near the Shukla house but they have to sale the property of Chiraiya village. If they purchase this flat Dadi could stay in that flat. Payal immediately agrees but she becomes tensed to think about Dadi who is already kidnapped by herself. Krishna says they need a sign of Dadi so that they could proceed with the legal procedure. In the next day Payal heads out to get the sign from Dadi lying Krishna that she is going to Chiraiya. As soon as Payal leaves the house Krishna and Bindiya both follow her. When Payal reaches in that secret place Krishna also gets the trace of that spot. Calling Payal, Krishna requests her to bring Dadi in the Shukla house so that they will take care about her.

Entering into the room of Dadi, Payal suggests her grandmother to sell the property of Chiraiya village so that they could buy a new flat near Shukla house. On the other hand, Bindiya gets tensed to think about her grandmother. Krishna assures that they will somehow save the life of their grandmother. When Payal returns in the house she doesn’t bring her grandmother with her. In spite of requesting her Payal avoids the request of Krishna.

In the next day Birju Pandey comes in the Shukla house and orders Payal to bring Dadi in front of him. Phoolmati and Rose also come with him. Phoolmati questions Payal where did she meet Dadi yesterday. She is caught red handed, but she says she doesn’t know anything. Krishna pretends to stand beside him and justifies that Payal didn’t do anything wrong. Payal lies that Dadi called her yesterday and asked her to meet in a particular place, she also forbade Payal to tell anyone about their meeting.

Episode ends.

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