Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 10th February 2023 Written Update: Kanchan fools Rekha


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 10th February 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Rekha collects Gaura’s exact address and plans to visit her home herself. Gaura looks beautiful in her saree and simplicity. Her family waits for car. Kanchan calls Satish and asks him to bring his family at Radha ghat as engagement ceremony will take place nearby. Gaura’s parents decide to use the path of cementry to reach the location. Gaura gets scared. Kanchan, Rahul reach there in advance. Rahul asks Kanchan to make sure Som marry Gaura only. Kanchan agrees. Rekha learns that Gaura’s house is beside cemetery and gets angry on Ganga and Kanchan.

Rekha prays for her safety till marriage. Harish asks her to not be afraid. Laxmi asks Gaura what she will do if her mother in law turns out to be a ghost. Gaura recalls Kanchan and says no way she is like a goddess only, loves and cares for her. Rekha takes the path of cementry to reach Gaura’s house fast. Due to sudden wind, her face gets covered with vermillion. Gaura gets scared seeing her and calls her Champak Churel. She screams. Harish and others come there. Harish comforts her and takes her away. Some monks surround Rekha.

They say that Rekha is lucky to have the vermilion on her so she will leave as a suhagan only, she has less time left in hand. Rekha doesn’t understand the depth of their words. Kanchan and Rahul get worried thinking about Rekha’s next move. Kanchan calls Rekha but she doesn’t pick up her call. Rekha sees herself in mirror and cleans her face. Rekha sees Gaura’s house is empty and thinks that she has to contact Brijju only. Kanchan keeps calling. Rekha picks up the call atlast. Kanchan lies that Ramesh is sick and asks Rekha to come home soon. Rekha gets worried and says that she is coming.

Rahul worries as Ganga doesn’t pick up calls. Rahul asks Kanchan will Som agree to marry Gaura if he sees her. He says that Gaura has no comparison with Twinkle. He adds that he would love to marry Twinkle but won’t keep Gaura as his maid. Kanchan says that ladies from beauty parlour are coming to make Gaura look presentable infront of Som. Kanchan gets a call and tells Rahul that his father has been caught for doing fraud with Allahabad’s company so she has to leave for Allahabad now. She asks Rahul to handle everything there.

Rahul says he can’t. Kanchan motivates and convinces him. Kanchan leaves. Rahul calls Ganga to share Kanchan’s plan. He says that Kanchan has gone to do a puja for her, Ganga asks him to stop lying as she knows about his father. Ganga asks about the plan. Rahul shares it with Ganga. Ganga praises Kanchan and says that she will become the best mother in law. Ganga includes Ramesh in their plan. Ramesh says that he is regretting for not marrying the girl of Ganga’s choice but he doesn’t want Som to have fate like him. He says that Som will marry Gaura only. The episode ends.

Precap – Ganga calls Rekha. She cries and says that ambulance has come to pick Ramesh. She asks Rekha to come fast. Brijju meets Rekha. He brings a girl and says that he has kidnapped Gaura Pandey.

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