Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 14th March 2023 Written Update: Rekha assigns a task to Gaura


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 14th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Gaura catches the asthi Kalash and stops it from falling on the floor. Som takes it away from her hand and asks her to leave from there. Ganga orders Kanchan to remove the colour from Gaura so that Som doesn’t get mad at her more. Rekha says that she will keep putting colours on Gaura no matter what. Gaura gears up to mention about Rekha’s deed in front of Kanchan but Rekha warns or stops her again. Gaura says that she puts colours on herself. Kanchan asks her to take bath in order to remove the Colours.

Rekha takes the form of a honey bee and meets Gaura inside the washroom. Gaura requests her to leave. Rekha asks Gaura to take bath infront of her. She says that only she knows how to earase the colours. Gaura refuses to take bath infront of her. Rekha gets irked and vanishes Gaura’s clothes. She disappears. Gaura comes outside and informs Kanchan about her clothes. Kanchan checks and finds the clothes in it’s place only. Kanchan asks Gaura if she is fine. Gaura says that she is fine.

She goes to take bath. Kanchan feels that there is something wrong happening with Gaura. Pandit completes Rekha’s last rites ritual. Kanchan tells Ganga that Rekha’s ghost is roaming inside their house after the death and she feels that Rekha is troubling Gaura. Ganga is in disbelief and wonders why Rekha’s ghost will trouble Gaura leaving both of them. Kanchan convinces her. They both get worried thinking about themselves. Som comes there and asks Ganga if Rekha will be at peace. Ganga says definitely and consoles him. Chandu calls Twinkle and informs her about Rekha’s death.

She feels bad and wonders who will bring her and Som together now. Her mother asks her to forget Som. Twinkle says that she liked only Som for marriage as he is husband material according to her. She says that she will go to meet him and keep trying hard to pursue him. Rahul keeps calling Twinkle. Her mom asks her to complete her remaining marriage with Rahul. Twinkle picks up the call and discuss about Rekha. Rahul asks her to visit their place as a friend. Twinkle agrees. Her mom says that she will accompany her. Som sees his and Twinkle’s photos and misses her presence in his life. Gaura tries to step inside Som’s room.

Rekha takes the form of a kite and scares Gaura. She reminds her to not enter Som’s room. Gaura says that she can’t see Som’s pain. Rekha says that Som’s pain is due to her. She beats Gaura using a stick. Gaura starts jumping. Chanchal sees Gaura and wonders if she has lost her mind. Rekha assigns a task to Gaura. She asks her to steal her jewlery from Ganga’s almirah. She says that she will let Gaura see Som from a distance.

Twinkle comes home. Chanchal asks about her identity. Twinkle says that she is the daughter in law of the house. Chanchal does not understand. Gaura tells Rekha that she can’t steal jewlery. Rekha forces her to do it. Gaura agrees and goes to steal the jewlery. Rekha wishes for Gaura to get caught red handed and to be proved a thief so that Ganga, Kanchan regret for marrying her with Som. The episode ends.

Precap – Rekha asks Gaura to cut Ganga’s saree and steal the keys. She follows her instruction. Chanchal comes there and informs Ganga that someone has arrived and calling herself the daughter in law of the house. Rekha says Twinkle has arrived. Gaura wonders who is Twinkle.

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