Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 14th March 2023 Written Update: Satyavati takes a Decision


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 14th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Satyavati saying to Dev that Abhimanyu doesn’t know how to handle this pressure. What’s the need to give business to him? Abhimanyu hears it. Priya says to Dhamayanthi that they will come to know the truth asap. We have to wait patiently. Priya follows Abhimanyu. He is searching for Priya’s cheque and account details. Priya argues with him. Abhimanyu complained that he had to answer everyone for her. He doesn’t want to argue with her anymore. Vidhi notices the pooja room isn’t cleaned. She apologizes to the god and cleans the mess. Simi informs Vidhi that her parents are arguing with each other again. Priya throws her account details in front of Abhimanyu. She scolds Vidhi for entering into her room without knocking. Vidhi says that she knocked on the door but they didn’t hear it. She informs her that Simi got scared after seeing their arguments. She adds that Satyavati called everyone.

Satyavati shares with family members that a financial crisis going on in our business. Abhimanyu and Dev are handling it in the office. We have to control the family expenses too. She says that she gave the household key to Priya. She needed that back. She wants to give that key to Vidhi. She is a more mature person than her. Priya says that she had already given it to her, then why should she return it to her? Satyavati says that she isn’t handling it well, so she has to make a good decision. Priya asks Abhimanyu to talk with her about it. Abhimanyu says that he has no relationship with Priya. Priya reminds him that she is the legal owner of this house. Abhimanyu warns her if she has no relationship with him, then she can’t claim this house as hers. Dhamayanthi asks him how he could break his relationship with her because of a small misunderstanding.

Vidhi asks Satyavati what is the need to take this decision? Both Vidhi and Priya are the daughters-in-law of this house. Satyavati says that she wants to see the way Vidhi handles this house. Priya says that Vidhi is the problem here. After she got there, everyone looked down on her. They are not listening to her and treating her indifferently. Satyavati says to Dev that she isn’t understanding the situation and blames Vidhi for it. Vidhi handles the accounts for Raichand’s company. She is able to handle this too. She wants to see the way Vidhi handles it. Satyavati says to Priya that she was claiming she was the house owner. But she is the one taking decisions in this Raichand’s family. If she wants to take it for granted, then no one will stay in this house. The decision is hers. Priya returns the household keys and says that she is insulting her in front of everyone. She makes her feel that she is good for nothing. Satyavati gives the household key to Vidhi.

Bimla shares with Hariprasad that she isn’t getting a good vibe near Vijay. He is attending our family function without inviting him. Hariprasad nods to her. Later, Dev says to Satyavati that Vidhi is a young one. She shouldn’t give pressure to her. It’s tough for her to handle the situation. Satyavati says that she was also young when she took responsibility for this house. Later, Abhimanyu mocks at Priya after seeing her worried about the recent incidents. Dhamayanthi says that Abhimanyu is happy because they are treating Priya not well. What if he snatched his position too? He is just the M.D in the office without power. Dhamayanthi manipulates Abhimanyu against Vidhi and Dev.

Episode end

Precap; Vijay Babu will take Hariprasad’s sign a document without Vidhi’s knowledge. Vidhi will question him about it?

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