Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 16th March 2023 Written Update: Gaura hurts Chanchal


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 16th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Twinkle’s dupatta falls in the hall. Rahul goes to pick it up. Som picks it up before him and give it Twinkle. Twinkle asks Som why did he not inform her about Rekha. She says that she got the news from Chandu. Chandu calls it his responsibility. Twinkle says that Rekha was, is and will always be like her mother. She holds Som’s hand and says that she is always there for him even at midnight. Ganga asks her if she is mosquito coil. She and Kanchan remind her that Som is married now and asks her to maintain distance from Som otherwise Gaura will get doubtful. Ganga asks her to leave. Rahul wishes to drop her.

Som says that he will do it. Ganga tells Kanchan to keep eye on Twinkle. She asks her to give her jewlery. Rekha asks Gaura to hide the jewlery before Ganga’s arrival. Twinkle tells Gaura that she will stand by him forever and holds his hand. Chanchal sees them holding hands and plans to alert Gaura. Gaura again hides the jewelry inside the sofa material and sew it. She fails to find her nose pin. Chanchal comes there and informs Gaura about Twinkle and Som. Gaura says that she has full faith in Som, he won’t cheat on her. Chanchal informs her that Twinkle is prettier than her.

Chanchal wishes to sit on the sofa with Gaura. Gaura gets tensed. She calls herself the Choti Malkin and Chanchal the maid of the house. Chanchal cries saying Gaura has changed and leaves. Gaura regrets and hopes that Chanchal will forgive her for those harsh words. Twinkle tells Som that his family is like her own family. Som holds her hands and thanks her. Twinkle hugs him. Rekha calls them a perfect jodi. One of the two Yamduts visits Rekha and says that he has come with an offer for her. He shows heaven to Rekha and says all the facilities are available there.

He asks Rekha to accompany him. Rekha refuses again. He begs infront of her as he is about to lose his job because of her. Rekha says that she understands her pain but she can’t accompany him. Yamdut departs. Laxmi and Radhe enter the store room of Gaura’s house secretly. They plan to sell all the scraps available there and make some money out of it. Ganga goes to give jewlery to Kanchan. She sees that her keys are missing. They find the keys inside the almirah. Ganga checks the safe and discovers that her jewlery are missing from there. She screams.

Kanchan thinks that Ganga is doing dramma after replacing the jewlery. Ganga says that she doesn’t know anything. Rekha enjoys the scene. Kanchan believes in Ganga. Rekha thinks that now she will create rift between Kanchan and Ganga. Ganga shouts to inform everyone about the stealing. Gaura hears her cry and gets tensed. She feels bad for both of them and asks God to forgive her for this deed. Som comes there. The episode ends.

Precap – Som calls police and files a complaint. Gaura tells Rekha that she is being scared. Laxmi asks Gaura about the jewlery. Gaura gets clueless. Laxmi again questions her by giving Harish’s swear.

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