Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 24th January 2023 Written Update: Rekha manipulates Komal


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 24th January 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Gaura’s father sees that Gaura is sitting on the ground being scared. He asks her what happened. Gaura says that she met Champak Churel who has slapped her. Her father laughs and says that such things doesn’t exist, mothers tell such stories to scare their children. Gaura sticks to her believe. Rekha’s sister in law Kanchan comes home with a girl named Komal and her parents for Som’s marriage. They meet Ganga. Rekha comes there. Komal goes to touch Rekha’s feet to get her blessings. Ganga asks Komal to not touch the fractured leg and irks Rekha.

Rekha learns that Komal is not educated but can do house hold crores well. Kanchan asks Ganga to finalize Komal for Somnath as Komal’s father is her husband’s boss. She reminds Ganga that Rekha came in house with out her wish and asks her to not repeat the same mistake. Rekha tries to give Komal a false impression about Somnath that he drinks regularly and brings new girls home every night. Komal doesn’t mind and says that she drinks and has many boyfriends.

Rekha decides that Komal will never become her daughter in law. Gaura’s friend Chanchal comes to meet Gaura with her mother. She gives good news that her marriage is fixed. Chanchal’s mother tells Laxmi that Chanchal’s father has brought a good guy for Chanchal. Laxmi says that Chanchal’s father cares for Chanchal unlike Gaura’s father. Gaura objects saying that her father has made her meet a guy for marriage but she has rejected him as the guy keeps count of dead bodies. Laxmi lashes out at her saying that none will marry Gaura as she is neither good looking nor intelligent.

Chanchal pacifies Laxmi and takes permission to go to local fair with Gaura. Komal enters Som’s room. Rekha pours water on her from a bucket and punches on her face using boxing gloves with the help of her maid. Komal falls on the ground. She calls Som crazy and tells her parents that she can’t marry him. Her parents give threats to Kanchan and leaves. Kanchan and Ganga feel that Rekha has manipulated Komal. Ganga tells Rekha that she will choose Som’s life partner. Pandit ji tells Rekha that he has checked Som’s Kundli and according to it Rekha has short life span.

Rekha slaps him and says that she wants daughter in law of her choice. She asks the pandit to find a good girl for Som and not let Ganga know about it. She gives him money to do the work. Kanchan tells Ganga if Rekha chooses Som’s life partner then Ganga’s influence will be finished in the house. Som comes home, Kanchan cries seeing him. Kanchan reminds Som that she has always supported him and informs him about Komal’s incident.

Rekha calls Komal mad. Som asks Kanchan to not cry as he will get married today or tomorrow. Ganga says that Som will marry someone whom she and Kanchan will choose for him. Som agrees. Rekha gets irked. Gaura tells Chanchal that she will get a loving caring husband and her mother in law will love her a lot. Chanchal asks what if she gets a bad mother in law. Gaura says in that case she will change her heart with love.

Precap – Rekha tells Som that she will select someone whom Som will like. Pandit ji shows a girl’s picture to Rekha. Rekha finalizes her for Som. Rekha collides with Gaura in the fair. Gaura gets scared and calls Rekha Champak Churel. Kanchan sees it and says that the girl has recognised Rekha correctly. She plans to finalize Gaura for Somnath.

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