Mithai 18th June 2022 Written Update: Shubham refuses to marry Mithai


Mithai 18th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shubham asking Girish to listen to him once. Girish says you post your two chances and you may even marry goat too if Dadu asks you and don’t forget that whatever happened in this house is because of your would be wife. He shuts the door on his face. Harimohan tells his wife that Anvesh Ji agrees to Kirti and Rohan’s marriage.

Chandranath says you asked me for an opinion but you do what you like and whatever you’re doing is wrong and this step of you won’t let our family get connected. She leaves. Mithai asks Harimohan to tell if he also feels she is responsible for everything. Harimohan asks her to not feel bad as you’re correcting things in this family by showing us a mirror.

Mithai comes out and sees Shubham. She tries to talk with him. Shubham stops her. He says Dad may accept me if Karishma’s marriage happens with Rohan but you ruined my dream and make me an orphan and I can’t marry you anymore. Mithai asks how can he decide. Shubham asks her to leave him folding his hands and leaves. Mithai thinks her Mom can’t bear this news and she prays Gopal to help her.

Abhishek consoles his daughter. Abha says Karishma is busy with her selfies and Kirti snatched her fiancee. Abhishek asks her to not scold their daughter and tells he didn’t expect Kirti will do it in this way. Abha in tears says Kirti gets married and everyone will make fun of them. Abha swears on her daughter’s tears that she will make everyone feel their pain. Karishma hugs her mom. Abha asks Karishma to not worry as I will make everyone get blood tears and I will make Mithai leave from here with her mom.

Mithai informs her Mom that Shubham refuses to marry her. Abha comes there and hears their conversation. Indu cries and asks how can he refuse without talking with family members. Mithai says forced marriages won’t work so leave this matter to Gopal Ji and we can live with income from my Aloo jalebi. Indu asks what about Aarti’s promise to me and it’s her wish to get you as her daughter in law. Abha thinks to use everything in her favor. She leaves.

Abhishek asks Karishma to not cry and he tells her he will check what Abha is doing. Abha returns and says her curses worked and Shubham refused to marry Mithai and they have to leave our house. She says she will teach a lesson to Sid. Mithai asks Gopal why he is stressing her Mom. She asks him to help her to start her business. Sid meets Mithai and asks her to return his passport. Mithai asks Gopal to settle everything.

Shubham meets Girish and tells him that he informed Mithai that he won’t marry her and post Rohan and Kirti’s marriage I will tell this matter to the whole family. Girish says hope you know that you’re refusing Dadu’s decision. Shubham agrees. Girish asks him to not call off his marriage. He tells him that he is ready to accept him as his son if he does what he says. Shubham agrees. Girish hugs him.

Episode ends.

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