Mithai 20th August 2022 Written Update:


Mithai 20th August 2022 Written Update on

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The episode starts with Karishma’s mother greeting Mr Agarwal and his family. Karishma’s mother says that everything will happen as per Babuji’s wish just how Siddharth and Ritika got married. Fufaji gives the responsibility of event management to Siddharth saying he will get paid 10% extra for his work. Siddharth says he will manage the event happily for his sister Karishma. Mithai makes an excuse that she wants Siddharth’s help to bring down some stuff in the kitchen. Siddharth goes to the kitchen.

Mithai reveals it was an excuse so that she can tell him what she is feeling. She says Mr Agarwal and his son have some other hidden motive and their facial expressions were weird as if they want this marriage for their own benefit. Siddharth says then Karishma’s father should understand that. What they can do about it? He is so eager to get Karishma married to Aditya. Mithai says but they have to find out Mr Agarwal’s real intentions. But for that Siddharth has to control his temper. Mithai suddenly touches the hot pot on the oven. Her hand gets burnt and Siddharth gets worried for her.

Siddharth scolds her for her carelessness. He takes out ice cubes from the fridge and applies it on her hand. They share a moment and Mithai says she is okay. Karishma’s mother asks Girish to serve food to Agarwals. Girish refuses saying its matter of his respect. Karishma’s mother says theres nothing wrong in it, Fufaji says he also did many things which doesn’t suit his status but he didn’t find any work as disrespectful then why can’t Girish serve food to guests? They are not asking him to wash Aditya’s feet. Dadi says she will manage to that

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