Mithai 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Mithai trusts Lord Gopal Ji will find their proof of innocence.


Mithai 22nd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sid saying his doubts to Dadu and telling him to ask about it. If there is something then we have stopped the marriage of Shubham and Mithai. Dadu drops the necklace Mithai picks it up and asks about it and Indu says Sid took it to polish it Indu asks why is she looking like this and what is the reason. Dadu asks Sid doubts that this is the necklace that her mother gave her.

Mithai says this is the necklace that Aarti gave to Indu. Dadu says this necklace is fake. Indu says how can it be Aarti has given it from her neck. Dadu says e doesn’t know that he knows that this is real necklace. Mithai says so this is the truth you said about. Sid says he knows how to put the truth infront of others. Sid asks the question this marriage proposal happened based on this necklace but now it is fake and he asks if there is another proof. Abha comments on them.

Rohan and Keethi talk about it. Rohan asks why is she sad. Keerti says everyone has dreams about their marriage my father also but who was in our marriage not Karishma, Dad, Abha etc. Rohan says it will take some time to settle down. Keerti says she will not go to USA till we do not makeup with our family. Subham questions about it. Mithai asks him if he doesn’t trust her why did she agree for the marriage.

Shubham asks Indu is it wrong to asks why is this necklace fake. Mithai says she will put this necklace infront of Gopal ji and he will prove our innocence. Abha jokes on her and says now Gopal ji is going to come and prove their innocence. Sid asks about it. Mithai says Gopal ji knows the truth he will prove our innocence. Mithai questions Sid how did he know that this necklace is fake. Sid says he doesn’t need to answer her. Mithai says you put blame on us and don’t we have the right to know. Dadu says she is right and says he also has doubts.Sid takes Abha’s name and says she has doubts about the necklace. Abha and Karishma think about what to do. Mithai says until now nobody did not know and question about it and suddenly Abha questions it. Mithai asks Dadu to call Abha and asks how did she think that this necklace is fake.

Dadu calls Abha and Abhishek. Abha decides to improvise. Abha and Abhishek come down. Dadu and Chandrakantha asks Abha about the necklace. Abha starts blaming Mithai and says what she did. Abha says on the day of Rohan and Karishma’s marriage she is very worried and she went to the kitchen to drink water and there she heard Indu and Mithai talking about how they fooled us all. We got points infront of Dadu by marrying Rohan and keerti. Now one will go to Singapore and noone asks about Sourya in the house and handle Shubham now you will rule this house. Abha says there are laughing at us. Abha also says we don’t know if the cancer is also real or not.

Indu says she never thought like that f she did Gopal ji will kill her right now. Mithai asks how can put blame like this without proof. Abhishek sa ys now you are trusting outsiders instead of us and putting us on the stand.Abha is this house daughter in law please trust her. Abhishek plays victim infront of Gireesh. Abha stops him. Abha says to Indu then I got doubt that the necklace is fake just like you.

Indu asks if she has proof that this necklace is fake then do you have evidence that she did not give me the necklace. Indu says Sid even he did not trust us. Mithai says not to beg anyone today. Just because we live here doesn’t mean we have no self respect. If our head bow down it will be infront of Gopal ji. She trusts Gopal ji will not let our head bow down. Just watch now Gopal ji will not let our head bow down. Mithai says if this necklace is fake then the real one is in the house and it will be found only after the search in the house.

Episode ends.

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