Mithai 24th September 2022 Written Update: Everyone celebrates Mithai’s success

Mithai 24th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mithai entering the room with Sid’s breakfast. She notices the room is decorated. She says your candlelight breakfast is here. Sid back hugs her. Mithai asks is anything special behind these decorations. Sid says I want to surprise my beautiful wife. He closes her eyes then he opens the door and shows her Mithai poster along with her Munni. He congratulates her on getting the award. He says she is the number one businesswoman in the world for him. Mithai thanks him for making her business women. Sid says it’s because of your hard work. He says he wants to make her meet someone to get inspiration. He shows her Aparajita promo. Mithai praises Aparajitha’s courage. They promote the show. Hari Mohan calls them downstairs. Mithai Dori gets opened. Sid asks her to hug him. She hugs him. Sid ties the Dori. He says let’s go to collect your Award. Mithai says let’s go Chobey and makes him wear a blazer.

Karishma takes a selfie. Abha asks her to stop taking selfies and learn from Mithai. Karishma says I will handle the social media of Mithai. Family members feel happy seeing the photo of Mithai on paper. Mithai comes there and take everyone’s blessings. Abha says she will stay at home with Geetika to welcome Mithai grandly. Chandrakantha says it’s good and they leave for the venue.

At the venue, the host invites Arvind and Rekha to present the award. They grace the stage. Then host calls Mithai to collect her award. Arvind and Rekha present the award to Mithai. Everyone clap for her. Arvind and Rekha praise Mithai for fulfilling her dream. The host asks Mithai to talk a few words. Mithai says I want to call the person who’s responsible for my success to the stage I.e Harimohan Chobey. Hari Mohan goes to the stage. He says he got success because of his daughter in law Aarti’s help and I saw the same skill in Mithai and helped her and Mithai achieved this success by crossing many hurdles. He blesses Mithai and leaves. Mithai thanks Dadu and calls Sid on stage and says to everyone that he supported her so much in her journey. Sid goes to the stage.

Mithai says I’m a sweet maker and he makes me a businesswoman. Sid says Mithai gives her credit for her success to others but it’s all her hard work and she teaches me many things and says to her that he always supports her. Everyone claps for them. Sid leaves. The host asks Mithai to say what she feels. Mithai sings her Aloojalebi song. She misses her dad and advises everyone to work hard to fulfill their dreams. She thanks Gopal for helping her. At home, Sourya teases Karishma. Photographer asks them to sit for a photo. They give pose for a photo and show ends on their happy faces.

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