Molkki 19th November 2021 Written Update: Sakshi plans to kidnap Renu


Molkki 19th November 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Village ladies badmouths about Renu saying that it does not matter that she was forced to become a dancer or not. Sakshi thinks that she has to act now and moves towards Renu. But Purvi reaches Renu first and scolds village ladies for blaming Renu for their husband’s mistakes. She tells them that Renu became a dancer because of this society so no one can question her. She tells Virendra that if men learn to respect woman then they won’t become Molkki or dancer. She asks village ladies to handle their husband’s instead of blaming Renu. She tells Virendra that it’s his responsibility to protect Renu as her brother and how can he accuse her with others.

She says to him that Renu has no one except him. She asks him to imagine that what all Renu would have faced till now. She tells him that she won’t leave Renu so he should throw her out of the palace too if he wants to throw Renu out then. Sakshi thinks that Purvi spoiled her plan. Virendra announces that Renu will stay with them from now on.

Sakshi opposes it saying that she can’t give permission for it. He tells her that Renu has full rights to stay in this palace and if the latter has so much problem then Renu will stay in the outhouse. One of the village lady tells Sakshi that a dancer should not stay in palace. Purvi asks her to stop it.

Later, Prakashi tells Sakshi that it won’t be easy to win against Purvi. She says to her that Purvi even snatched the pawn from her so what the latter going to do now. Sakshi tells her that she has plan. She tells her that tonight she is going to kidnap Renu to prove Purvi wrong.

Meanwhile Renu apologizes to Virendra for going against him. He tells her that he should apologize to her and she could not return because she was afraid of him. He asks her to not worry because he will protect her from now on.

Sakshi sends her goons to Renu’s room. They tries to kidnap Renu and she screams for help. Purvi hears it and asks them to leave Renu. Virendra comes downstairs after hearing bullet sound. He fights with goons to rescue Renu. Goons runs from there. Sakshi thinks that Purvi spoiled her plan once again.

Prakashi asks Renu that what happened to the latter. Purvi replies her that goons came to kidnap Renu. Anjali taunts Renu. Virendra warns her to not utter a word against Renu. Purvi suggests that they should take Renu to inside the palace for her safety. He agrees with her.

Next day, kids meets Renu. Purvi introduces Renu to kids. She gives dress to her and asks her to get ready and come downstairs. Renu tells her that the latter doing so much for her and hugs her. Sakshi sees that.

Episode ends.