Molkki 2 12th March 2023 Written Update: Bhoomi’s innocence is proved


Molkki 2 12th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vikash bringing divorce papers. Nirma asks him who told to make the papers. Vikash says he had talked to Suraj last night and he is ready for divorce. Nirma stops Bhoomi from signing the divorce papers and says Suraj should sign the papers first. Dadi asks where Suraj is. Vikash tries to make Bhoomi leave but Nirma insists to wait for Suraj to come and sign first. Suraj comes in an injured state. Pallavi asks him what happened. He says those are wounds of his insult.

Vikash asks Suraj to give divorce to Bhoomi as punishment but he tears divorce papers. Suraj tells what Bhoomi has done, cannot be punished just by divorce. He says he will himself give the punishment to her. Suraj drags Bhoomi inside haveli and throws her on the floor harshly. Rimjhim also comes there, he asks her to bring black box from his wardrobe. Suraj takes out gun and points at Bhoomi. He says he will set an example to show others what is done to people who spoil Haveli’s reputation.

Pallavi tries to stop Suraj but he says Bhoomi deserves death as punishment. Nirma also tries to Suraj. But he insists of solving the matter between husband and wife himself. Bhoomi tells Suraj has always respected her and she broke their trust, so he has right to give her punishment. Vikash tries to instigate Suraj more. Rimjhim holds Suraj and tells Bhoomi is innocent and she has not done anything. Suraj pushes her away. Rimjhim continues saying that Bhoomi is not one who was at lodge but instead it was her. Bhoomi tells Rimjhim not to tell further. Pallavi gets shocked and asks what is she saying.

Suraj says that Rimjhim is saying truth and he has seen all the cctv footage from lodge. Rimjhim entered the lodge before Bhoomi. He gives footage to Pallavi. Rimjhim confesses how she was just acting to be nice and well mannered, but actually she had got addicted to bad habits in city life. She says how one of the guys made her video when she was drunk and was blackmailing her. That’s why she had stolen money from locker to give it to him. Bhoomi had seen her and followed her to lodge.

While Rimjhim gives money to the blackmailer, Bhoomi also reaches there following her. Bhoomi asks why she is giving him so much money. He tells about the video. Bhoomi tactfully takes his phone and breaks it. Suraj and Vikash start knocking on the door. Rimjhim gets nervous and says her parents will never forgive her. Bhoomi hides her in the cupboard and takes all the blame on herself. Rimjhim feels guilty and apologises to Bhoomi. Suraj tells he did everything to make Rimjhim accept her mistake as he has seen her feel guilty when Vikash was character assassinating Bhoomi. The episode ends with Dadi accepting Bhoomi and Nirma tells her how Suraj trusted her and this shows what value she holds for him.