Molkki 2 17th March 2023 Written Update: Bhoomi decides to leave haveli


Molkki 2 17th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhoomi asking Nirma to deny whatever Urvashi is saying is true. She cries and questions how could Nirma cheat her so badly and hide such a big truth about her relationship with Suraj. Suraj tries to calm down Bhoomi. Bhoomi says she has accepted that Suraj won’t give her place of wife but he had promised to give her respect but how could he keep such big thing hidden from her. Vikash taunts Bhoomi and tells Suraj and Bhoomi has improved her life status by bringing her in haveli.

Bhoomi tells all the luxuries of haveli keeps reminding her about her self respect, and after knowing all the truth she won’t stay there anymore. She goes to her room to get her luggage. Urvashi mocks Nirma and says Suraj’s molkki is going to leave haveli. Bhoomi recalls her moments with Nirma, her surprise on Holi with art studio and then her happy moments spent with Suraj. Bheege Naina plays in the background as Bhoomi takes off all her jewellery and changes back to her normal salwar suit. Pallavi asks Bhoomi why she took off her jewellery.

Bhoomi says she used to live like this before marriage. Pallavi tries to explain her that she is loved by them. Bhoomi tells she had thought the same but she has realized that she is just Suraj’s second wife in the haveli. Rimjhim also requests Bhoomi not to leave as she is her only friend. Bhoomi says friends don’t stop each other’s way. Nirma asks Bhoomi not to leave and listen to Nirma as she is like her elder sister but Bhoomi denies,she is about to leave with Manik when Nirma changes her tone and orders Bhoomi that she cannot leave haveli as they have paid price for her.

Bhoomi cries and requests her not to force but Nirma insists her to stay back in haveli. She says since the day she piad price for her, her life is under control of haveli. Bhoomi keeps begging to let her go. Nirma asks anyone to take Bhoomi to room. Suraj asks Nirma why is she doing all this and why she forced Suraj to do this. Suraj says there is hole in Kumud’s heart and she had kept condition to get treated only if Suraj agrees to do Molkki.

Suraj questions Kumud why she is insisting on needing heir. Kumud says Suraj needs to keep his marriage with Bhoomi and give heir to their family or else she will stop her treatment. Suraj says he cannot spoil Bhoomi’s life. Kumud blackmails him by saying she will stop taking her medicines. Suraj goes to talk to Bhoomi and asks her for forgiveness. He confesses how he always felt angry on himself for hiding Kumud’s truth from her. He tells he has seen her reading her father’s diary and he read it too. Suraj tells he wants to promise Bhoomi that he will help her to fulfil her father’s dreams. Bhoomi takes the diary and leaves from there. Kumud asks Suraj to break Bhoomi’s fast as its his responsibility. The episode ends with Kumud saying she can go to any lengths for getting heir of haveli.

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