Pushpa Impossible 16th March 2023 Written Update: Srishti saves Preeta and Rudraksh


Pushpa Impossible 16th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Rashi getting startled seeing Dileep. He applies colour on her and wishes her for Holi. He says that he’s forced to cover himself to come to meet her. He leaves saying that not just 5 crores but he would spend 50 crores for her. While he’s leaving the chawl Pushpa sees him.

Rashi runs after him and Pushpa stops her and asks who she was following. Rashi lies none but Pushpa still runs after him. He leaves in auto and Pushpa suspects it to be Dileep. At night, Pushpa is worried that Rashi is lying about Dileep. She looks at Dileep’s picture hanging and Deepti also notices it. Deepti says Rashi hung it. Pushpa angrily leaves to confront Rashi but Deepti stops her and takes her away.

Pushpa calls Dileep a devil but Deepti says that he might be one but Rashi has got soft corner for him. Deepti says that he got to impress Rashi in her weak moment while Pushpa shares her pain with her. Next day, Chirag and Ashwin discuss about what happened between Rashi, Pushpa and Dileep .

Chirag is irked that Rashi respects someone like Dileep. Pushpa offers to go to school with Rashi to drop her but Rashi turns her down. She says she won’t get kidnapped on daily basis and behaves with attitude. Ashwin scolds Rashi for her attitude but Rashi leaves angrily.

Vasundhara is having a tough time with her business as all their properties are under scanner due to Dileep’s controversy. She shares it with Mansi and Dileep and Dileep says it’s bound to happen. He suggests to separate him legally from her so that there won’t be any more issues.

Vasundhara would be shocked to hear it ahd refuses to divorce him but Dileep makes her understand that someone gas to become the scapegoat and it has to be him. He says it’s just for outside world and nothing changes between them. Vasu and Mansi cry in his arms while Dileep makes them understand that they need to save their business.

At school, Pushpa tries explaining Rashi patiently about Dileep and all the trouble she had went through because of him. Bapodhara’s friend visits him with a marriage proposal from Prarthana for his son. Rashi makes it clear that she do acknowledge her efforts and love but also recalls Dileep’s care when she was kidnapped. She says things are different from the past and says that she’s even ready to remove the picture if that’s what she want and leaves. Pushpa gets worried.

Precap: Pushpa calls Dileep to confront him about his visit to her house. Dileep says that Rashi, Chirag and Ashwin are his kids and divorce can only end his relationship with her and not children. Pushpa warns him to stay away from her children but Dileep challenges her that he would keep coming back to Bapodhara chawl shocking Pushpa.

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