Molkki 2 27th February 2023 Written Update: Bhoomi finds about Sooraj’s goodness


Molkki 2 27th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhoomi seeing servants cleaning the floor and realizes see is same girl who was with Sooraj last night. Bhoomi thinks to ask how she came to haveli but sees Sooraj coming there. He asks that lady if she came to haveli to do the cleaning and takes her with him. Gagan brings Manik to meet Sangram. Manik feels uncomfortable and reminds Gagan that Sangram had kidnapped Bhoomi. Gagan says Sangram is his master and he couldn’t deny his invitation. He convinces her that they will have dinner and leave.

Bhoomi sees Sooraj going inside room with that lady. She feels heartbroken and wonders how Sooraj can stoop so low. She cries and thinks if Sooraj has to do all this why did he marry her. Sangram sits for dinner with Manik and Gagan. He asks Manik why she isn’t eating and if she is upset because he had tried to marry Bhoomi. Sangram tells Manik that Bhoomi would have been happier if she married him. He even badmouths about Sooraj’s family. Manik tells him that he should not speak about all this.

Sangram tells he has special gift for them. Sangram gives Manik and Gagan keys for motorcycle and new house. Gagan feels elated and calls Sangram as Lord. Manik tries to make him realise the truth but he is blinded by Sangram. Bhoomi is cutting grass and sees the girl who was with Sooraj going inside room. Bhoomi goes to her and tells she will help her escape and gives her jewellery. The girl tells Bhoomi that she has been misunderstanding the situation. Sooraj is one who had saved her from prostitute area. Bhoomi asks about Sooraj forcing her to come in room.

The girl explains how Sooraj was teaching her to study and considers her as sister. She tells Bhoomi she is lucky to have husband like Sooraj. Bhoomi feels guilty for thinking negative about Sooraj. Nirma comes and says she could have told her the truth but she wanted. Bhoomi to know by herself so that she doesn’t have any further doubts. At Godown Bhoomi observes how down to earth Sooraj is helping the labors. Sooraj announces that company has gained double profit so he will be doing something for the labors and asks if he should make a rest room.

Bhoomi suggests instead to install gysers so that labors can take shower with warm water before going back home. Sooraj likes her suggestions and accepts it. He asks her name and she tells Bhoomi, he further asks about her husband. Bhoomi is confused how can she tell him. Later a photoshoot is arranged for Bhoomi and Sooraj. Pallavi tricks Sooraj to join the photosession and he feels annoyed. The heritage sword of Thakur family was about to slip from wall but Bhoomi holds it on time. Sooraj gets shocked finally seeing Bhoomi. The episode ends with Sooraj recalling his past meetings with Bhoomi.

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