Molkki 2 28th February 2023 Written Update: Sangram lies his dirty eyes on Manik


Molkki 2 28th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhoomi saving the sword and bringing it downstairs. Sooraj is shocked to see her. Nirma says that Bhoomi can protect the rights and dignity of Haveli so he needs to give her position of his wife. Pallavi appreciates Bhoomi for starting her responsibilities well. She asks Bhoomi to give the sword to Sooraj. She also tells Sooraj and Bhoomi to go in temple and asks Bhoomi to put tika on Sooraj’s forehead as its her duty as a wife.

Bhoomi puts tika on Sooraj. He asks her she has been working in godown as normal staff since days why she didn’t tell him she is molkki. Bhoomi tells after she talked to her on first night she felt very hurt, so she decided to keep herself busy with work. But even in godown he was there and she realized he hasn’t even seen her face. So she stopped expectations from their relationship completely. She asks him why did he marry her if he never wanted husband wife relationship. Sooraj tells sometimes they need to do things even against will because of the circumstances. He apologizes to her and says he didn’t want to hurt her.

Servant tells Bhoomi that jewelries are ready so she should go and wear ones she likes. Sangram comes to meet Manik. She gets nervous seeing him and tells Gagan isn’t at home. Sangram tells he has come to see if she needs anything. He asks Manik to make tea for him. While Manik is making tea, flames get high. Sangram gets in kitchen and tries to touch Manik’s hands. Gagan comes there and Sangram starts scolding him for keeping kerosene stove, he tells to go and buy gas stove. Manik feels disgusted by Sangram’s actions.

Bhoomi comes for the photoshoot wearing necklace. Nirma asks her to stand beside Sooraj. Photographer asks Bhoomi to show her necklace properly. Sooraj gets angry seeing it and leaves saying he won’t be a part of this. Bhoomi feels disheartened and wonders what she did wrong. Nirma asks Bhoomi to get photos clicked while she goes and talks to Sangram. Sangram asks Nirma how could Bhoomi wear that necklace. He says Nirma that he has hurt her emotions and that necklace belongs to Kumud only. Bhoomi overhears the conversation and wonders who Kumud is.

Vikash informs Urvashi how he had kept Kumud’s necklace and its infuriated Sooraj. Urvashi asks him to tell everything about Kumud to Bhoomi. Bhoomi meets Sooraj and returns him the necklace. She tells if she has problems with her being around she won’t come close to him. While she is leaving Sooraj’s button get stuck in her bangle. Later Vikash comes to Bhoomi’s room and tells her to see the treasure box and it has everything related to Kumud. The episode ends with Vikash getting shocked Nirma instead of Bhoomi in the room.

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