Molkki 25th March 2021 Written Update: Purvi tells Sudha to take Sakshi to NGO


Molkki 25th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Cave lady asks Purvi to help her and shows Anjali. Purvi shocks seeing Anjali and says she understood what is saying and takes her from there. Virendra does puja for Sakshi. Priest tells him to put Sakshi’s picture. Purvi hides with cave lady. She notices that Anjali coming towards her but Bhuri takes her from there. She tells cave lady to not worry saying they went other side. Priest tells Virendra to put flowers in front of Sakshi’s picture. Cave lady sees Purvi and it turns out to be Sakshi. Virendra puts flowers in front of Sakshi’s picture and prays for her soul to rest in peace.

Purvi notices Sudha and calls her. Sudha gets confused seeing Purvi and asks what is she doing there. She then notices Sakshi too and asks who is that. Purvi says she will tell her everything later because now she doesn’t have time for that and tells her to take Sakshi to her NGO and hide her there. She says Sakshi’s life in danger so she want to help her. She tells Sakshi to go with Sudha and tells her to take care of herself too and she need not to worry about anything from now on. She tells Sudha to take care of Sakshi and says no one should see them. Sudha says she will handle it and takes Sakshi from there.

Prakashi says it’s time to complete their fasting. Anjali asks what she has to do now. Prakashi says she explains her every year and she keep forgetting this. She tells them to pray to Shivji for their husband’s long live. Virendra sees Purvi from upstairs. Manas comes there and asks does he seeing Purvi. Juhi tells something to Purvi. Prakashi tells Purvi to eat. Purvi says she want to eat with kids today. Manas tells Virendra that he thinks Virendra seeing food from everyone’s plate. Virendra says he didn’t saw the food and says it’s not like he kept fasting.

Purvi who came there says he kept fasting definitely that’s why he didn’t ate anything since morning. She asks why he kept fasting. He asks why she kept fasting. She says she kept fasting for her husband’s long live but he doesn’t have any husband. He says he have wife and for her he kept fasting. Juhi says if they eat then only they can live and tells them to eat. Virendra feeds Purvi to complete her fasting. Juhi asks her to feed Virendra. Purvi recalls how he saved her today and feeds him.

Prakashi gets annoyed thinking about Sakshi and says her plans failing every time when it comes to Purvi so she has to do something. Virendra wonders Purvi will forgive him or not. Purvi thinks he stayed hungry whole day for her and thinks she should forgive him or not. She applies ointment on Virendra’s wounds when he was sleeping. Virendra tells Police inspector to find the culprit who tried to kill Purvi. Anjali learns that Virendra left for Delhi and tells Prakashi to teach lesson to Purvi. Prakashi learns that Purvi going to NGO and plans to do something. Few Goons kidnaps Purvi.

Episode ends.