Molkki 29th March 2021 Written Update: Purvi attempts to escape from Goon


Molkki 29th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Manas says Purvi is not in the NGO too so what are they going to do now. Juhi says they will keep trying until they finds Purvi. Prakashi shocks seeing kids and asks what are they doing there. Juhi says they came to search Purvi. Prakashi gets irritated hearing her and says she told them that Purvi left the house without informing anyone so they are finding her then why they left the house and scolds them. Bhuri asks kids to eat. Kids refuses to eat saying without Purvi they won’t eat.

Bhuri says it’s waste to wait for Purvi and tells them to eat but the kids avoids her. Anjali throws the plate and yells at kids and says Purvi won’t return now. Manas cries hearing her. She says she will slap him if he doesn’t stop crying then. Juhi says Anjali can’t talk to them like this. Anjali slaps her and says she is not Purvi to tolerate their nonsense behaviour and warns them to stay in their limits and tells them to go to their room and cry.

Kids cries recalling the moments they shared with Purvi. Juhi recalls how Purvi stopped Virendra when he tried to slap her. Manas cries holding Purvi’s picture. Juhi says without Purvi they don’t like to do anything and asks God to send Purvi to them. Manas asks Purvi to return as soon as possible and cries. Juhi consoles him and asks him to not cry saying Purvi will return soon.

Purvi thinks she has to find a way to escape from there and hearing footsteps she acts like sleeping. Goon comes there and says she is sleeping so he can go out to eat now and leaves from there after taking his mobile charger. Purvi tries to untie herself and prays to God to help her to escape.

Sudha gets worried thinking about Purvi and says she doesn’t know where Sakshi went too. Priyu says first they has to find Purvi. Sudha says Virendra also not picking the call. She says they has to give missing complaint to Police and leaves for Police station. She tells Police inspector to find Purvi. Police inspector says they will try to find her as soon as possible. Priyu gives Purvi’s picture to him. Purvi gets worried thinking about kids.

Prakashi takes gun from her cupboard and says now Purvi has to die and she will kill her today then only Vaibhav’s soul will rest in peace. She shocks seeing Police in the house. Police inspector says they came to investigate them in Purvi’s missing case and asks them to cooperate with them. Goon brings food for Purvi. Purvi unties herself successfully and hits him and calls Virendra from Goon’s call. Juhi learns that someone kidnapped Purvi. Goon snatches the mobile from Purvi and slaps her. Kids plans to save Purvi without informing Prakashi. Juhi calls Sudha and tells her about Purvi’s call.

Episode ends.