Namak Issk Ka 29th March 2021 Written Update: Gunjan plans to kill Kahani


Namak Issk Ka 29th March 2021 Written Update on

Kahani looks at Yug’s picture and remembers him telling I love you to Gunjan. She tells first my childhood was stolen from me,than my parents and now my love is taken away from me. Kahani tells now she won’t be able to tell Yug that she loves her. Kahani tells I can tell I love you Yug a hundred times. Iravati overhears her. Kahani wears the Jhumkas Yug gave her. Kahani mimics Yug and praises herself. She thinks she has gone mad maybe because it is one-sided love. Iravati throws water on Kahani’s face and tells Kahani she doesn’t has the right to love Yug.

Iravati tells you told that you will leave this house when Ravikant gains consciousness. Kahani tells I did not tell Yug I love her because he is about to marry your daughter or else I would have shouted I love him in front of entire world. Saroj asks Kahani where did you go with son’s photo? Kahani tells I went to confirm if I am in love with Yug. Kahani tells she will never tell this to Yug and it will remain like a secret inside this room.

Gunjan tells Yug I can’t believe you told me I love you in front of everyone and it’s still ringing in my ears. Kahani tells if Yug proposes me someday that day I won’t stay quiet so pray to God that day never comes. Today I am alone still I am standing against you all but if I get Yug’s support someday I will fight with the entire world. Saroj thinks about boys insulting Juhi and Kahani’s word. She tells my life has become a joke,grandmother is right that I lost in life. Saroj tells I can accept any defeat but I won’t get defeated twice by a dancer in one life. Saroj decides to give poison to Kahani and kill her,she tells she was a weak wife but she will prove herself as a strong mother.

Rupa tells Saroj why is she talking like this. She tells only you can understand my pain the most in this house. Saroj tells what can I do? I feel like if anything happens in neighborhood too I am responsible for it. Rupa tells you are my strength and I will try to be yours,she tells Saroj not to do give poison to Kahani. Patanga returns home with Lucky. Raunak asks Patanga why did you take Lucky with you? Patanga tells he has problem in breathing,so I took him to change his air and entertain him a little.

Saroj tells you are working in this house since childhood and still you took this house’s enemy with you. Raunak tells not to give food to Patanga for four days and he will remember everything. Patanga tells he will accept any punishment but he won’t accept if someone questions his loyalty. Saroj tells Dolly to ask Panditji what is the time for Puja? Panditji gives blessing to everyone. Saroj tells Raunak to buy new clothes for everyone but not for himself,she tells him to win Rupa and Iravati’s trust. Gunjan tells Raunak I will come to market with you,I want to buy grenade Kahani will either die or become hospitalized in blast.