Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha Upcoming Story: Will Suraj accept Bhoomi as his wife?


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Colors TV show Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha is focusing around how Bhoomi who got married to Suraj through Molkki was unaware of his past marriage. Realising the truth she feels broken, however she decides to help Suraj heal from his past.

In The previous episode Nirma confronted Vikash for provoking Bhoomi by telling Kumud’s truth so that her and Suraj’s marriage break by joining hands with Sangram.

Suraj calls gopi to give him heavier weights. Bhoomi thinks Gopi has left already so she picks up weights herself to give to Suraj but it keeps slipping off her hands because of oil.

Servants brought a treasure chest and said Nirma has asked to change its place. They left it in hall and go to find piece of cloth to clean it. Bhoomi saw Suraj there and thought to show him how strong she is so she lifted up the box however he left without looking at her.

The box slipped from her hands and she found a paper with Kumud’s name on it. Nirma came and said she will tell her about Kumud.

Nirma told Bhoomi that Kumud was Sutaj’s wife but she is no more. Both of them used to love each other a lot and Suraj is still dwelling in her memories.

She asked Bhoomi to help Suraj forget Kumud and move on in his life. Sangram gave Gagan a saree to gift Manik. He planned to hurt Manik instead of Bhoomi.

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