Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 11th July 2022 Written Update: Saumya cheers for Jashan and Jahan from audience side


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 11th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Armaan telling Jashan and Jahan he want to talk to them about something real important. He tells them that they both knows Prisha isn’t their real mother. Jashan and Jahan tells them that Prisha is their real mother though. They also knows that their real mother used to fight with him and left him and them. Armaan tells that their real mother is a bad woman who wants to snatch them from him and Prisha. Both Jashan and Jahan tells that they dont want to go with anyone but to stay with them.

Armaan asks Jashan and Jahan to do what he is asking them to so that their mean mom won’t get a chance to separate them from him and Prisha. He then shows them Saumya’s photo. Jashan and Jahan recognises her and calls her stranger. Armaan tells them that she is their real mother and asks them to do what he asks them to. They both agree to Armaan and listens to whatever he is saying. They all enters the auditorium.

One of the teacher comes there and welcomes the parents who are there as an audience also thanks them for being there. She also tells the first performance of the evening is Jashan and Jahan. Saumya gets shocked and surprised and claps for them from the audience.

Jashan and Jahan comes on the stage. They both tells that their performance is based on their favorite topic family and they are going to tell them about their family. Jashan tells that he and his brother is twin and when he is happy his brother will seem happy. Jahan tells when he is upset Jashan learns about it enquires about him why he is sad. Jashan and Jahan tells that they both are there for each other but sometimes they aren’t there because their mother isn’t with them shocking Saumya and Sushma.

Jashan tells the audience that he told Jahan their mother is also with them only. The spot light falls on Saumya who gets surprised. Sushma and her other daughter in law looks confused and worried whereas Armaan and Prisha smirks happily. Jashan and Jahan takes Saumya to the stage. Saumya gets happy and emotional. Jashan tells that their mother is a selfish woman who left them and their father to earn more money. Jahan adds that theue mother only cared about herself not even once she visited them also like other students mother she cooked them and feed them all she wanted is to more fame and money.

Saumya Sushma and Prince’s mother gets shocked. Saumya tries to touch Jashan and Jahaan and tells them that’s not true but they both swat her hand away from them and tells the audience that their mother is mean and they hate them and they dont want to be with her at any cost. Saumya cries.

Sushma asks Armaan to stop the kids because Saumya is not a selfish and mean mother but Armaan tells the kids are hurt and whatever they are saying is what they felt about Saumya so there is nothing wrong though. Sushma tells Armaan but it’s not a right thing. The teachers comes on the stage and scolds Jashan and Jahan to stop saying they hate their mother. Sushma goes to the stage and asks Jashan and Jahan why they are talking like this and asks them not to say anything against Saumya like this.

Armaan goes to the stage and sends Sushma down. He apologises to the guests and teachers for ruining this special day but Jashan and Jahan are too young and their mother isn’t around all these years to take care of them so they was hurt. This is the first time they are seeing Saumya so in anger they told all these things against her. He then pleads Saumya to give the kids sometime to accept her and get to know about her because they are hurt by the way she left them so they need some healing time until then asks her not to make public appearances which will hurt the kids even more and once again apologises to everyone then takes the kids with them. Saumya looks on with tear filled eyes.

Saumya comes out and recalls Jahan and Jashan’s hate words against her and cries. Armaan comes there and tells Saumya that now she must have learnt how much the kids hurt her. He further tells her even if she goes to the court the kids will tell they want to stay with him not with her. Prisha brings Jashan and Jahan there. Armaan asks them who they want to be with. Jashan and Jahan tells they want him and Prisha.

Armaan goes to Saumya and reminds her the three days time is going to end in few hours so asks her to sign the divorce papers or else she will face the consequences and then leaves the place with Prisha and the kids. Saumya tells that this time before court the judgement will happen and this time it will be on her favor for sure. Sushma feeds Jashan and Jahan and asks them why they behaved that way towards Saumya. Kashish asks her what happened.

Prisha comes there and mocks at Sushma by asking her not to teach Jashan and Jahan wron things and if Armaan learns this then he might call her as a mean mother. Inspector arrives there and asks where Harsh is. Sushma Kashish and Prisha looks on shocked when the officer tells that he have an arrest warrant against Harsh. Harsh comes there and denies the accusations of bribing the doctor who gave statement against Saumya Saumya about her mental state. He then calls Armaan for help and the latter remains silent which leads the officers to take Harsh with them. The media comes there and questions Armaan is he aware about his plan. Armaan acts and tells that he himself is shocked. Sushma and Kashish gets shocked.

Precap: Armaan talks to Anjoori aka Saumya over the phone call. He tells her that he never lied and asks her to give him a chance to meet her. Saumya goes to meet Harsh in the prison. She asks him to sign the confession paper against Armaan who is equally involved in this then she will help him bail out. Harsh looks on.