Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 14th March 2022 Written Update: Saumya apologizes to Armaan


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 14th March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Armaan comes to Saumya and says that tonight is going to be special for him so he has brought a gift for her. Armaan gives Saumya a night dress. Saumya gets shocked seeing this. Armaan asks her to wear this dress for him. Soumya says fine. She goes to the bathroom. After that she gets ready and comes to the room. Armaan looks at her.

Soumya smiles seeing him. While Armaan starts laughing seeing her. Soumya asks him what happened. Armaan leaves the room without telling her anything. Soumya wonders what happened to Armaan why he went out laughing. She starts crying. Armaan says that the first night after marriage is very special for a girl whom they never forget and he is sure that Saumya will also not forget.

Armaan says that this is his style that he slaps the person but does not let them feel that they have been slapped. Saumya says that today was going to be the new beginning of her life but Armaan’s laughter has become the reason for her crying. The next morning, when Saumya wakes up, she remembers the night and thinks that she will ask Armaan today, why did he laugh at her yesterday.

She wants to wake him up but doesn’t and leaves from there. She comes from the bathroom and Armaan brings her breakfast. Armaan asks her why she is looking upset. Soumya says she is fine. Armaan reminds her that she had promised him that she would not hide anything from him. Soumya then asks him why he laughed at her yesterday. He says that he laughed at himself yesterday.

He says that yesterday he gifted her like all other husbands, which made him realize that he was quite stupid and made him laugh at himself. He then gives her a saree and says that she will look great in it. Soumya apologizes to him as she misunderstood him. Armaan says that he will forgive her on one condition. Soumya says that she will do whatever he says. Armaan asks her to come wearing a saree for him.

Soumya comes after changing. Armaan praises her and says that she is looking very beautiful. Soumya asks him if he has forgiven her. He says yes. Armaan says they should walk downstairs. Soumya says that Malini has also sent gifts for them. Next, Soumya seeks everyone’s blessings. Sushma asks Tara to do the household chores at the earliest. Saumya feels that she is the maid of their house and decides to give her a saree. Later Sushma shouts at her as she called her elder daughter-in-law a maid. Saumya gets shocked.

Precap: Armaan’s father asks Saumya to cook chicken for them. Saumya stands shocked.

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