Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 20th September 2022 Written Update: Manyata apologizes to Katha


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 20th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Doctor checking Kabir. He tells Kishore that they arranged an ICU set up at home and tells them that they need to take care of Kabir as he may come out of a coma at any time. Kishore agrees and he goes with Doctor to drop him off. Katha comes to Kabir but Madhu warns her to not come here as you’re responsible for his state and we arranged nurse to take care of him. Katha requests her to allow her. Madhu says it’s all happened because of you and if something happened between you and Yuvraj then it may happen with your concern then why you’re acting like you’re innocent? Deepa tries to stop Madhu. Katha says I loved him but Yuvraj cheated me to win his bet with Mukesh. Madhu asks her to stop her dramas and warns her to leave. Katha says I won’t leave from here until Kabir gets fine.

Yuvraj asks Yash and Chacha Ji to get him out. Chacha says they trust him. Yash says accusations are strong so you need to wait for sometime. Yuvraj gets shocked. Manju and other daughters request Savitri to eat food but she refuses to take food. Doctor says Savitri nerds to stay away from stress otherwise she may get heatstroke. Later Madhu says they have to throw out Katha. Deepa asks Madhu to not talk tension things in front of Mom and reminds her doctor’s advice and Katha’s pregnancy. Savitri says Yuvraj can’t cheat any girl as Katha claims. Yash comes there and tells them that Yuvraj won’t be out until the complaint is withdrawn.

Katha asks Kabir to wake up. Uma comes there and asks Katha to not feel bad. Katha says she may never reveal it if they didn’t call her baby with bad names. Uma says the truth will come out in one day so don’t worry and Kabir has to know this truth one day so trust your love and God and everything will be fine. Manyata says I’m blinded in Yuvraj’s love. She apologizes to Katha for not seeing her pain. Uma consoles her saying it’s not her mistake. Deepa comes there. She requests Katha to withdraw her police complaint for their family’s wellbeing. Uma asks why are you saying in this way and Kabir nay never like it if he is in consciousness. Deepa leaves. Katha says I don’t know what to do. Uma consoles her. Later Katha prays Naini maa for Kabir’s wellbeing.

The next day, Yuvraj signs the sheet and says to Inspector that he knows that Kabir withdraws the complaint. Inspector informs him that Katha withdraws the complaint. Yuvraj gets shocked. He returns home. Everyone feels happy seeing him. Madhu is about to perform his aarti. Katha says Maasa. Madhu says the liar is here and she blames Katha for lying about Yuvraj. Yuvraj says Katha has no proof and so she took the complaint back. Katha says you didn’t change Yuvraj but I withdraw the complaint for my husband’s wellbeing. She says she has proof and shows them CCTV footage of her and Yuvraj in Nainital. Everyone gets shocked. Katha says hope you all remember his bike, this is the reality of him and he is telling you guys lies that he never met me and the truth is in front of you guys.

Episode ends.

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